Higher civilian gun ownership, equates to lower gun violence


Here are the factual data from the CDC there were 7 firearm-related homicides for every 100,000 Americans in 1993 (see light blue line in chart). By 2013 (most recent year available), the gun homicide rate had fallen by nearly 50% to only 3.6 homicides per 100,000 population.
Contrary to what the left wing mainstream media and gun-control advocates say.

Most people who make such claim that the US gun violence and death surpass countries such as, the UK, Norway or Australia. They all failed to realize that they are comparing over 300 million people vs 25 million. You have to compare per capita. Compare the continental US vs the whole Europe now go figure…

Full article “More guns, less gun violence between 1993 and 2013”

VCDL Lobby Day 2016 Report



Governor Terry McAuliffe and his Attorney General Mark Herring kicked the hornet’s nest. After denying 25 states (6 million people) permit holders and restricting firearms in state buildings. On January the 18th , we had over 1200 freedom, Second Amendment supporters showing up despite the frigid temperatures. This huge turn out send a strong message to Virginia law makers.

A lot of folks met with their delegates, senators and house of representatives. Private groups and VCDL teams covered every legislator’s office and many legislators saw three or even four teams come by! Handing out printed papers with the bills we support and ones we opposed. Each bill has comments elaborating them and reader-friendly. VCDL 2016 Legislation Tracking Tool

The general assembly building was pack almost every floor with people wearing guns save lives stickers. The anti-gunners were outnumbered big time. ūüėÜ
We had one Senator Dave Marsden with his silly banner saying ” Welcome gun lobby day lobbyday16-8members. I know you mean well. But, if it isn’t to much trouble, please stop trying to save our lives… Too many people are getting killed in the effort
Doesn’t he know criminals are the trouble ones? Many people open carrying posted and took pictures in front of his banner. And by the way, over a thousand loaded guns were carried in to the general assembly and not a sing shot fired. It was probably the safest place to be in Virginia at the time. No one started shooting anyone over disputes, arguments or such. The progressive left always say angry gun owners, and someone is going to get shot, woo… We can’t have to many guns! OMG! Continue reading “VCDL Lobby Day 2016 Report” »

Stop The Semi Auto Gun Ban Of 2015


The elite democrats have gone overboard, they are desperate to push their agenda, now they¬†want to rewrite the 2nd Amendment altogether. Check this out,¬†“to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.¬†Are you kidding me? What other purposes are they referring to? Now here is the original phrase¬†taken from the 2nd Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”¬† Insanity screams here, are they going to try to remove or change the 1st Amendment too? Of course they are. Here is an example;¬†Yale students sign ‘petition’ to repeal the first amendment. Starting with the schools and colleges, the left¬†are planting the seeds of socialism in to our children’s¬†minds.
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Do You Know the Dangers of ‚ÄúUniversal Background Checks‚ÄĚ?

Warrentless Door to door searches

Do you really know the full effects of Universal Background Checks and what the government will have to do to enforce it?
They are not just regular background checks. Those UBC will require all gun transfers, even private gifts between friends and family, must go through a FFL gun dealer. It might not seem that malevolent at first, but it is.
Sharing firearms for informal target shooting: Another legitimate activity outlawed by Everytown‚Äôs ‚Äėuniversal background checks‚Äô
The United States does not have a crime problem caused by people who borrow a gun for an hour of skeet shooting on somebody‚Äôs farm. Yet the Bloomberg laws turn these people into criminals. As with so much of the Bloomberg Trojan horse called ‚Äúuniversal background checks,‚ÄĚ innocent and law-abiding persons bear substantial burdens, for no benefit in public safety. Continue reading “Do You Know the Dangers of ‚ÄúUniversal Background Checks‚ÄĚ?” »

Bloomgerg’s Background Check Law Impedes Firearms Safety Training


Dave Kopel gives a great detail explanation on¬†the¬†failure of¬†Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety background checks is. This is a much watch video (publish by VaShootingSports YouTube channel) to fully understand of this disaster. This goes against our civil rights as well.

As passed in Washington and Oregon, it applies to all transfers, including the private transfers of sharing a gun while target shooting or lending a gun to a friend for a hunting trip. It has the knock-on effect of interfering with most firearms training, vital to armed self-defense. A further effect is a de facto handgun ban for persons under the age of 21 

Obama and comrade’s are finalizing executive action on gun control



Today with more than half (52%) of all Americans opposing stricter gun control laws and more are supporting concealed carry that makes the country safer, King Obama is on his own here. He is doing this¬†without congressional approval ūüĎŅ ¬†I can’t find any details just yet on what exactly are those illegal unconstitutional laws¬†that he¬†wants to shove down our throats.
But we know they want to pass some type of universal background checks since they mention, closing the gun show loophole.

Hopefully most states and local governments won’t comply and enforce those laws. Unfortunately my state, Virginia has an Obama’s/ Bloomberg’s boy as a governor Terry” McAuliffe¬†who is channeling the elite’s powers. The good news is most of Virginias and the legislative body are opposed of such acts. Thanks to the Virginia Citizens Defense League (which I’m also an active member) are creating awareness and fighting for our 2nd amendment rights in the state of VA and we are doing a great job.¬†http://vcdl.org

Obama to Take Executive Action on Gun Control

White House finalizing executive action on guns

No laws can stop those who want to break them


More lives will be lost, and more mass shooting will be a common occurrence because Obama, Hilary and the rest of the democrats live in a fantasy world. They can’t see how their gun control laws that they keep insist on pushing failed miserably. Tomorrow’s address to the nation will show how out of touch he is with today’s current events and society.

Know your history: Back in the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s school shootings and other mass shootings were unheard of. Why? Is not because we had less guns and more gun control. In the 50’s, 60’s, teens used to bring their hunting rifles to school and store it in the locker till after school. But thanks to Bill Clinton who started making schools and military bases in the 90’s a gun free zone, our county has seen a surge in gun violence.

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Listen to our friend Colion Noir in what he has to say about stopping mass shootings. He lays it out very well and I couldn’t tell it any better. The left populace and politicians should learn some facts.

How Background Checks & so call ‘Assult Weapons’ Ban failed in California


Sadly as we all know that two of Obama’s favorite gun control solutions proven failure in the¬†San Bernardino massacre. The president and clang (democrats) are dancing around the warm bodies in their continuation of pushing more anti-gun laws that are proven over¬†and over again a failure. They can’t let a single¬†mass shooting event go to waste. Pretending like they care for the people. Instead of tackling the¬†root¬†causes for these¬†types of events.

While the situation was just unfolding, Obama immediately blames the inanimate object Guns” ¬†ūüėą¬†for this event. He is so scare to even use the word extremist or¬†terrorist, along with most main stream media outlets saying “we are not sure if this is a work place violence, or a domestic terrorist.”¬†Don’t spit false conclusions and blame the guns until more information is out.

So why didn’t it any ‘common sense gun control laws’ stop the Islamic terrorist? This article from reason.com provides in depth details.¬†¬†

How Background Checks and an ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Failed in San Bernardino