We’ve all been Zucked!


With Facebook ramping up its censorship on all alternative publishers now. Many people are flocking to alternative social media sites such as Diaspora. But it must have been really hard to prevent Katie Couric from trending  :mrgreen:
Facebook has been taking sides with the big government by censoring, deleting post and pages related to firearms and the second amendment. Private local sales of firearms are also prohibit and it’s in their new terms of agreement.
Google has been seen doing similar practices. By manipulating search engine results. SEO towards anti freedom, left wing search results on top. This also applies to their image searches. And recently the unforgettable incident with Youtuber Hickok45.

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Transporting and Carrying Firearms With You to Other States

As more people are becoming gun owners and start to carry them for personal protection each year, the more important such topic becomes. A lot of people travel by plane or by vehicle across state lines everyday. Let’s say you know (hopefully you should already know by now as a concealed permit holder) all your home state and federal gun laws regarding possessing and carrying, that’s excellent. But if you have to travel, you do want to carry your gun to other states for the same purpose you carry in your home state. How do you find out other states laws, and to go about transporting your gun on the plane?

First, let’s dive in to – how to correctly bring your firearms on airplanes. Continue reading “Transporting and Carrying Firearms With You to Other States” »

What Happens to your Concealed Carry Gun When You’re Taken into the ER?


While going about carrying your firearm, ever thought about what would happen if you get taken in to the ambulance and in route to the hospital? A good example will be a vehicle related accident. Most people don’t bring this up or talk about it.
One day you might be in this situation.
The Greg from Active Response Training has some advice about what you should do and need to know. Make sure to check with your local fire/EMS.

A Few Things To Discuss – Montgomery Co, MD. Shootings Eulalio Tordil

Mongomery mall shooting

Today police finally caught the shooter, a Federal Protective Service employee who shot a woman in a Prince George’s County MD school parking lot Thursday 5 2016. Then again today Friday the 6th he shot others at Montgomery Mall and Aspen Hill grocery store. So far two victims died and other two are injured in the two days shooting by one assailant.
More details on local ABC and WTOP news.

First I want to briefly touch on 3rd party intervention in my previous article What Not To Do As A Concealed Carrier & The Good Samaritan. We as a law-abiding armed citizens have responsibilities to protect ourselves and love ones from violence. Not to use our guns to play police and intervene a 3rd party incident, unless with certain “exceptions” I mentioned  in the article linked above.
What’s worse with this case is that the woman at the school who intervened (the news media called them good Samaritan 😕 ) wasn’t carrying a gun, and foolishly walked up to a derange man with a gun. I can’t believe this people, how naive they are? And of course this occurred in Communist Maryland and on school property. Why walked in to a fire without a fire extinguisher? Continue reading “A Few Things To Discuss – Montgomery Co, MD. Shootings Eulalio Tordil” »

TV Hit Show “The Walking Dead” Takes a Different Tone On Guns

Rick proper trigger-finger while holding his AK-47
Rick with proper trigger-finger while holding his AK-47

Glad to see one of the most popular mainstream TV series The Walking Dead is putting out a positive and pro gun tone for its audience every now and then. Here are some examples.

Remember the scene where Lori and Rick were arguing that, if Carl was old enough to start learning how use a gun? As we all know (for those who watched the show obviously), such skills saved Carl and his mother’s life while Rick was out and about.

When Rick and team found Alexandria Safe-Zone, Deanna insist that Rick and his people keep all their guns in the armory. Deanna said nothing is getting through those walls and no one inside will do them harm. I love Rick’s response 😎  Such tone we hear everyday from our liberal gun controlling frenzy politicians.
Just to name a couple of examples out of numerous scenes throughout all 6 seasons of the show.
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There Is No Such Thing As An Assault Weapon


There is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” I urge gun owners to please refrain from using this term. Also, assault rifles are used by the military and most civilians don’t own such guns. The term “assault weapon” was made by the anti-gun folks back in 1989. The philosophy behind this term is to make guns look evil, mean and scary. Unfortunately such deceiving method became a success. The so-called “assault weapons” didn’t exist until California passed a ban in 1989. Assault weapons are not machine guns or assault rifles. According to David Kopel, writing in The Wall Street Journal.

“What some people call “assault weapons” function like every other normal firearm—they fire only one bullet each time the trigger is pressed. Unlike automatics (machine guns), they do not fire continuously as long as the trigger is held. … Today in America, most handguns are semi-automatics, as are many long guns, including the best-selling rifle today, the AR-15, the model used in the Newtown shooting. Some of these guns look like machine guns, but they do not function like machine guns.”

The word assault is a purpose, not the gun itself. Guns don’t have life or a soul. They don’t have an intent of their own. It’s an inanimate object. In this case, most civilians (besides criminals and some big government entities) have a defensive rifles. Because that’s what it’s purpose. Is to defend yourself or to use it as a recreational rifle, aka sporting rifle. A gun is a tool, this tool allows the user to fire projectiles at a high speed. The purpose or intent varies by the operator behind the gun.
I could say I got an assault knife, an assault car, or an assault screwdriver if I’m going to use it for such malicious intent.
Call rifles by it’s type, an AR-15 or an AK-47.
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LAPD Tells People to Protect Themselves, With What?


The LAPD doesn’t have enough manpower to protect their citizens, yet they want everyone to rely on them for protection, how ironic is this? In such huge city, crime is exploding here. That’s the result when you let a city and state turn in to a gun free zone, but this only applies to the law abiding citizen. Unfortunately criminals don’t obey the law. So they are only creating victims. It’s key to spread the truth and danger of the anti-gun agenda to as many people as you can in hoping they will vote and elect politicians who understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Continue reading “LAPD Tells People to Protect Themselves, With What?” »

Full30 The New YouTube Alternative For Firearms Related Videos


YouTube/Google, Facebook and Microsoft all have been hostile towards freedom, but in particularly the 2nd Amendment and gun related videos. It’s unfortunate such bias we have to put up with from this big corporations.
People with skills and creativity who provide content to us Youtubers do earn their living from doing this. But it’s getting more common this days, without warning, the don’t-be-evil subsidiary slashed their cut of the ad bucks by well over 50 percent. Continue reading “Full30 The New YouTube Alternative For Firearms Related Videos” »