Gruesome Ax Attack – Complying Doesn’t Always Work

An update on this gruesome attack that took place in Commifornia.
The victim offer to pay the attacker with what he had but in return, the victim received server blows with an ax.

I’ve mention before that complying doesn’t always work. This is based on multiple cases throughout the country in the past 5 years I’ve came across. You should never have the attacker decide your fate. Your life is 1000 times more precious than these low life thugs and no other human, scumbag has the right to end your life. Continue reading “Gruesome Ax Attack – Complying Doesn’t Always Work” »

Disparity of Force: When to Use a Firearm Against an Unarmed Attacker


Using deadly force in self-defense with a firearm to protect yourself or ones in your party from one or more attackers who are inflecting great bodily harm or with intent to kill is permitted. Given that the opponent(s) presenting the ability to cripple or kill you. Such ability is pretty obviously when a force multiplier is present, such as a gun, knife, or any blunt instrument of some wielded in a threatening manner.

Nonetheless, the ability to cripple or kill may take the forum of a, not what we called common weapons, but a forum of some physical advantage that the opponent has over you. That tilts the odds so greatly to his side that his continued assault (just using the fist which can become a weapon during the attack) is likely to kill or maim you. This situation is known as a “disparity of force.” Now let’s take a look at the several different forums disparity of force can take. Continue reading “Disparity of Force: When to Use a Firearm Against an Unarmed Attacker” »