.223 79 grain DRT Elite Series – Unlike Any Other .223/5.56 round (Video)


Some ammo lines don’t perform as advertise by their manufactures. How does the DRT Elite Series in 223 perform? First, let’s examine the physical construction.

The round is barrier blind lead free and produces a lot of kinetic energy when shot. It is a 79 grain Flat Base Hollow Point bullet. The bullet is long with all that mass which, in turn, produces such mass amounts of energy.
Advertise muzzle velocity is 2600 FPS producing 1186 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.
Thanks to YouTuber GY6vids for testing this round through various barriers.
He used two guns to in this test.
The first is a Remington bolt action 700 5R with a 20 inch barrel and 1/9 twist.
The 2nd rifle is an AR-15 with a 1/7 twist match grade barrel

As the video shows the round penetrates the gel, wood, shirt, meat and windshield with no problem, however, it was only able to penetrate one block of concrete instead of two which is just as impressive.
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Such Vindictive Tax Imposed Could Kill the 2nd Amendment

A massive new handgun tax imposed in one U.S. territory could serve as a blueprint for Democrats to ban firearms throughout the country without being shut down by the Constitution.
Late last month, a federal judge ruled unconstitutional a 40-year-old total ban on handguns in the Northern Mariana Islands. In the ruling, the judge declared.

“Because the people of the Commonwealth are part of the American people who have overwhelmingly chosen handguns as their principal means of self-defense, the Second Amendment protects that right here as well.”

Liberals’ obsession with raising taxes saga continues. In response to the judge’s order, the territory’s governing body worked out another way to deny residents 2nd Amendment rights without constitutional interference. The House and Senate lawmakers in the commonwealth quickly passed a harsh control bill which includes a massive $1,000 per pistol excise tax.This is republican governor Ralph Torres. He doesn’t want the poor and the middle-class to rights to defend themselves. Starting to sound like many 3rd world countries and socialist EU nations.
Torres and his legislature show that authoritarian streaks run through both parties.

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Your Deep Concealment Options for Stringent Places

After reading through Greg Ellifritz’s article on how to bring your defensive tools into private businesses that don’t allow you to without being detected. I just had to post this. Such handy and useful information is rare.

Before we move on, please know your state laws and make sure you are not breaking any laws. The no gun and no weapons (I’m including knives and guns) signs and policies of private business don’t have the power of the law in most states. If they find out they can ban you from their establishment, tell you to leave or your boss can fired you if it’s your work. That being said, you can carry without breaking the law.
The article will give you some great tips on how to bring in your concealed carry pistol and straight blade knife in to establishments and venues where they do pat downs and use wand metal detectors undetected. That’s right, getting through their ~8 dollar/hour paid security guys.

Venue security using metal detector wand
Venue security using metal detector wand

Mississippi Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Bill Into Law!

Governor of Mississippi Constitutional Carry Law
Governor of Mississippi Constitutional Carry Law

More good news for freedom lovers around American and Mississippi in particular. Governor Phil Bryant just signed Constitutional carry into law. Just over a month ago, West Virginia got Constitutional Carry passed after a veto override. Bloomy boys are furious.

Originally introduced as a church security bill to allow those with a concealed carry permit to have a firearm in church, House Bill 786 (HB786)
 was passed in the House by a vote of 85-33. However, when it was sent to the Senate, the scope of the bill was greatly expanded in the Judiciary A Committee. As noted by a report from Guns.com:
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Buying Your First Gun User Guide

Gun Shows
At a gun show

Before you go out and buy your first gun, there are a few things you need to considered.
Why do law abiding people buy guns in the US? Having a home gun for a personal protection self-defense, and maybe conceal carry. How about recreational shooting and competition shooting? Owning and carrying a gun is your constitutional right, why not practice it? Here are some key points before making that first purchase and the after. Continue reading “Buying Your First Gun User Guide” »

TV Hit Show “The Walking Dead” Takes a Different Tone On Guns

Rick proper trigger-finger while holding his AK-47
Rick with proper trigger-finger while holding his AK-47

Glad to see one of the most popular mainstream TV series The Walking Dead is putting out a positive and pro gun tone for its audience every now and then. Here are some examples.

Remember the scene where Lori and Rick were arguing that, if Carl was old enough to start learning how use a gun? As we all know (for those who watched the show obviously), such skills saved Carl and his mother’s life while Rick was out and about.

When Rick and team found Alexandria Safe-Zone, Deanna insist that Rick and his people keep all their guns in the armory. Deanna said nothing is getting through those walls and no one inside will do them harm. I love Rick’s response 😎  Such tone we hear everyday from our liberal gun controlling frenzy politicians.
Just to name a couple of examples out of numerous scenes throughout all 6 seasons of the show.
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