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Ever since I found out about this exclusive firearms related radio talk show from Cincinnati, I find the topics and information they have going on over the air to be very useful. It’s another great source for factual information that law abiding citizens across the country should know if they carry/keep a gun for self-defense. Interviews with top firearms trainers/experts, real life gunfight survivors, and industry insiders. Abundant information on how to survive a violent encounter that is applicable to all walks of life.

You can interact with them by asking questions on their facebook page and get answers though the live radio show.
Sundays at 7:00PM EST on 550AM in Cincinnati or listen live online from anywhere in the world via Their office webpage


NYPD, Is A Carhartt Jacket Bulletproof?

Carhartt Jacket

With the recent news everyone is chatting about the NYPD’s 124 grain +p 9mm Speer Gold Dot failed to stop the assailant because of his Carhartt jacket prevented their bullets from penetrating the jacket. Is this really true? Finally Shooting the Bull has put this to the test. Let’s find out if a Carhartt jacket can stop one of the best 9mm defensive handgun calibers.

Transporting and Carrying Firearms With You to Other States

As more people are becoming gun owners and start to carry them for personal protection each year, the more important such topic becomes. A lot of people travel by plane or by vehicle across state lines everyday. Let’s say you know (hopefully you should already know by now as a concealed permit holder) all your home state and federal gun laws regarding possessing and carrying, that’s excellent. But if you have to travel, you do want to carry your gun to other states for the same purpose you carry in your home state. How do you find out other states laws, and to go about transporting your gun on the plane?

First, let’s dive in to – how to correctly bring your firearms on airplanes. Continue reading “Transporting and Carrying Firearms With You to Other States” »

The Danger of Nylon Holsters


Don’t ever go cheap on your holsters. Nylon holsters are not molded and can’t stand up the physical environment it’s in. It can get crushed, pushed and eventually pressing on the trigger. That’s what happened to this guy who shot himself in the a$$ while carrying and going about his activities. There are many other negative points of nylon holster that’s mention on the internet besides this particular issues which I don’t need to get in to.

The following is a story of Matt who has been carrying for years, a perfectly working firearm, and has been using a good holster till this…
Heads up, the images of his gun shot wound are not for the faint of heart.

What Happens to your Concealed Carry Gun When You’re Taken into the ER?


While going about carrying your firearm, ever thought about what would happen if you get taken in to the ambulance and in route to the hospital? A good example will be a vehicle related accident. Most people don’t bring this up or talk about it.
One day you might be in this situation.
The Greg from Active Response Training has some advice about what you should do and need to know. Make sure to check with your local fire/EMS.

A Few Things To Discuss – Montgomery Co, MD. Shootings Eulalio Tordil

Mongomery mall shooting

Today police finally caught the shooter, a Federal Protective Service employee who shot a woman in a Prince George’s County MD school parking lot Thursday 5 2016. Then again today Friday the 6th he shot others at Montgomery Mall and Aspen Hill grocery store. So far two victims died and other two are injured in the two days shooting by one assailant.
More details on local ABC and WTOP news.

First I want to briefly touch on 3rd party intervention in my previous article What Not To Do As A Concealed Carrier & The Good Samaritan. We as a law-abiding armed citizens have responsibilities to protect ourselves and love ones from violence. Not to use our guns to play police and intervene a 3rd party incident, unless with certain “exceptions” I mentioned  in the article linked above.
What’s worse with this case is that the woman at the school who intervened (the news media called them good Samaritan 😕 ) wasn’t carrying a gun, and foolishly walked up to a derange man with a gun. I can’t believe this people, how naive they are? And of course this occurred in Communist Maryland and on school property. Why walked in to a fire without a fire extinguisher? Continue reading “A Few Things To Discuss – Montgomery Co, MD. Shootings Eulalio Tordil” »

Does aftermarket Pistol Sights Aid In Quick Sight Acquisition ?

Brillian CAP Sight System

The purpose of replacing our factory sights on our pistols are for two major purposes. One reason is having iron sights over those plastics for Glocks owners, and for assisting your eyes in quick sight alignment. Sights are not a fashion and for showing off who has the coolest ones. Hey, I know sometimes it’s hard not to be that person.

Dave Spaulding breaks it down pretty well. Let’s find out how these sights assist us under stress in real life self-defense situations.

Planning On Open Carrying? – Educate Yourself First


There are those who make the rest of us look bad. Such as the following recent incident where a customer at a McDonald’s in Phoenix got robbed of his OC pistol. I’m all for open carry just as much for concealed carry. But it all depends on several factors. If you’re in an urban area, and places such as grocery stores, 7-11’s, fast food chains, Walmarts, shady neighborhoods and large crowd gatherings. You’re better off carrying concealed. Tactical advantage wins here. This are just some examples.

Open carry is more practical if you’re hiking in the woods, at state parks, national parks, in rule areas, small towns, open carry gatherings, groups and meetings. Also for political purposes, a right not practice is a right lost. That being said, it doesn’t mean you should never open carry. Get proper training and practice, even some basic hand-to-hand combat skills will greatly help you out here.
Continue reading “Planning On Open Carrying? – Educate Yourself First” »