Trijicon HD Night Sights Video Review

I say this is an excellent video review by Youtuber tnoutdoors9. In the video, he shows us both the yellow and the orange sights and use various lighting conditions from minimal ambient light to full day light with both sights.
I have the orange front post sight on both of my Glocks and they make it very easy for me to acquire the sights.

Have fun watching and decide what works for you.

Mad Half Minute Skill Drill


Draw while moving and shooting from the holster is a skills everyone concealed carrier should learn and practice. I’ve trained by couple of well-known firearms instructors who taught me similar fundamental skill sets. Most indoor ranges won’t allow you to perform such task. You will have to do this on a private rang for example.

Dave Spaulding article on the Guns and Ammo Network writes  a basic and easy to understand instructions.

I do want to mention another drill which is to move backwards instead of sideways. This method is effective if the attacker is carrying a wielding object such as a knife or a hammer.

Don’t Unload Your Defensive Guns If You Don’t Have To

glock-unloadHere are few reasons to why an unloaded gun can be more dangerous, including tips and practice regarding loaded guns.

You might think I’m going to talk about how to safely “clear” your handgun, or give you some safety tips about how to unload it, or something like that but that’s notwhat this is about.
The truth is, constantly unloading your self-defense handgun could get you killed.In fact, it almost got one Law Enforcement Officer killed in Georgia (and probably many others we’ll never know about).

Let’s talk about why …

Self-Defense Guns Should Stay Loaded

What we’re talking about here is your self-defense firearm, specifically your self-defense handgun. I’m imagining that you carry this gun on you each day as your concealed carry piece or at the very least, that you keep it in the home for self-defense.
In either case, you should keep it loaded as much as possible.

The problem at this point is two theories:

1. Most people think loaded guns are dangerous.

2. Sometimes you do have to unload your gun, in certain circumstances.

So let’s address those now. Continue reading “Don’t Unload Your Defensive Guns If You Don’t Have To” »

Settling The Doubts About Ammo Stored In Your Oven Car


If you are concern about your ammo that’s in your gun and stored securely in your car on a 100+ degree outside weather. Could it have a chance of exploding? Well Let’s take a look at some numbers first.

When we look at a modern round of ammunition, it consists of the following:

  • Smokeless primer incorporating nitrocellulose.
  • A lead projectile.
  • Gunpowder.

There can be other ingredients depending on the specific make and model of a round of ammunition but those are the three primary components. For your reference,

  • Lead melts at 621 °F
  • Nitrocellulose ignites at around 320-338 °F
  • Gunpowder ignites at 801–867 °F.

Surprisingly high temperatures, right?

The hottest place on earth is Death Valley, on July 10 1939 the record recorded temperature on earth was 134 °F. Now imagine the temperature inside of the car, it was probably around 200 °F, well that’s still no even enough to cause your rounds to explode. But if you throw it in to the fire (I don’t recommend this) it will pop.
I would be more concern about the gun’s accessories.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Now in 45 ACP


The top 3 most popular selling subcompact handgun in the country now comes in 45 ACP.
Wait no longer, the M&P is now available, for the first time, chambered in .45 ACP. The M&P45 Shield follows the strict manufacturing guidelines that are in place for the entire M&P Pistol Series. It is a slim, lightweight striker-fired polymer pistol made for concealed carry. The one-inch profile of the M&P45, its optimized 18-degree grip angle, and aggressive grip texture with front cocking serrations provides consumers and professionals with a reliable and simple operation for a concealed-carry pistol.
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How Much Firepower is Required to Stop an Enrage Ex-MMA Fighter?

French MMA Fighter
(WARNING: Graphic video included in the post.)
The answer will surprise you.

Police on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali shot dead a French national last month after he stabbed and killed a policeman while resisting arrest.
“One of our officers tried to approach him and calm him down, but Sabet stabbed him 8 times ,” said Wiyanto, adding that the officer died from his wounds.
I am done. Shoot me!” – Sabet can be heard saying moments before his death.

The shooting was justifiable, the police tried to deescalate this derange MMA fighter but that failed. They didn’t want him to hurt any more officers.

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The Lame Duck Obama Pushes His Political Agenda – Orlando Terrorist Attack

Obama Statement on Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting

It’s very repetitive that Obama and the anti-gun media uses the same crafted words and statements to their game.

Here are some factual responses to his speech.

Obama: We reached no definitive judgement on the precise motivations of the killer.

Reality check: Over several hours before Obama addressed the nation, the FBI and most mainstream media outlets already reported the killer motivation. 29 year old Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS, that’s right Oscumba, that’s one of the very large fanatic muslim extremist groups. Yet he knows this but held back from spitting “politically incorrect” statements during his speech. Made no mention of radical islamic ideology in his speech. Maybe he doesn’t want to offend his brothers? This is also the month of Ramadan, how coincidentally it can be? Not really. According to the Koran, homosexual is strictly against Islam, and such practice is to be condemn and execute those who are gays. Keep blaming on those few radical muslims, no they are not a few, but a whole lot and growing in numbers by the day thanks to the Obama administration and its failed polices.
omar marteen facebook page

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The Army Published a New Rifle and Carbine Training Circular

A lot of US civilians own AR-15 rifles so as the army and other branches of the military. Thanks to our Second Amendment rights (minus communist states) we do have the right to own such great versatile tool. We don’t carry these rifles and use them on our daily basis unlike we do with our concealed handguns. Which is why less practice time is known with the AR plat form. Ammunition does cost a bit more than your 9mm plinking rounds.

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We’ve all been Zucked!


With Facebook ramping up its censorship on all alternative publishers now. Many people are flocking to alternative social media sites such as Diaspora. But it must have been really hard to prevent Katie Couric from trending  :mrgreen:
Facebook has been taking sides with the big government by censoring, deleting post and pages related to firearms and the second amendment. Private local sales of firearms are also prohibit and it’s in their new terms of agreement.
Google has been seen doing similar practices. By manipulating search engine results. SEO towards anti freedom, left wing search results on top. This also applies to their image searches. And recently the unforgettable incident with Youtuber Hickok45. offers a collection of over 100 topic-focused news aggregation pages where you can read breaking news headlines on all your favorite topics such as government agencies, liberty, minimum wage, vaccines, GMOs, herbal medicine, natural cures, gun control, social issues, elections, global warming and much more.