Guns Worldwide: The Czechs Are Fighting to Constitutionally Recognize


On the worldwide stage it appears that the fight to keep guns in the hands of private citizens is tilted towards firearm prohibitionists. In just the last year both New Zealand and Canada significantly tightened firearms ownership, both in response to separate mass-shootings, and have demanded their citizens hand over just about any effective modern firearm. The former enacted gun control via Parliamentary decision, and the latter used executive power; efforts exist against these corresponding decisions in both countries, with the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners mounting a campaign to resist and reform the decision, and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association challenging the legality of the executive action respectively. While it’s great to see gun owners in both nations work to overturn or revise those decisions, neither country recognizes the right to bear arms in their constitutions. In fact, there are only only three nations in the world that do: Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States.

There may soon be a fourth, however.

Recently a bill was introduced in Czechia’s senate to amend their constitution and formally codify the long-standing tradition of keeping arms for self-defense. The small Central European country has a rich history of producing quality firearms that dates back hundreds of years, and is one of the few nations in the world that permits the carrying of concealed firearms in public. The amendment states (translated courtesy of Google):

The right to defend one’s life or the life of another person even with a weapon is guaranteed under the conditions stipulated by law. Continue reading “Guns Worldwide: The Czechs Are Fighting to Constitutionally Recognize” »

2020 Ammoapocalypse

What’s wrong to come up with a new term, huh? 😉
Instead of writing, I made a video about the current worsening ammo shortage situation. Pricing and availability for both online etailers and local retailers such as gun stores and big sporting goods stores. 

I know most of my followers and people do not like to read, either due to the fact that folks to lazy, prefer photos such as mems (you can only put out so much information in a meme) and videos. Maybe thanks to  Zuckbook feeds scrolling toxicity. I see such data in my posts here and on the Defense Populace Facebook page. Very little likes, views and comments on great articles with very useful information. Some articles are written by myself with 1st hand information. I spent a lot of work and time to write. But I get a lot more likes and comments on photos, memes, follow by videos and anti 2A related stores.
Now let’s see how this one does😉😁


Smith & Edwards ammo that’s in stock as of 8-3-2018

Some experts say that the current ammo shortage situation can last up to 12 months, only if nothing news occurs and things start to slowly improve by the end of this year.
How is your local ammo shortage playing out in your area? Write in the comments below.

Why is the Ammo Gone?