A Comprehensive List of Pro-Gun Organizations In The U.S

Here is a list of national and state pro-gun/grassroots organizations, and at the bottom there is a anti-freedom organization/businesses list as well.

National Pro-Rights Organizations 

State Pro-Rights Organizations 

Anti-Freedom Organizations 

 By every2ndmatters.us and edited by Walid Boonprasit 

Anti-gun businesses.

Print this image and post it publicly for all to see, take it with you, give it to friends, etc.
Print this image and post it publicly for all to see, take it with you, give it to friends, etc.

Counteract Moms Demand Action is Moms Against Cars which is one amusing FB page you should follow.



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  1. Florida Commissioners Violating Statutes. Throughout out the State of Florida in the name of gun control. County Commissioners Throughout the State of Florida that plan on banning the sales of any and all semi-auto firearms by banning and prohibiting gun shows and FFL licensed firearms dealer to conduct business with law-abiding citizens are opposing and violating the following statues.

    790.33 Field of regulation of firearms and ammunition preempted.

    790.331 Prohibition of civil actions against firearms or ammunition manufacturers, firearms trade associations, firearms or ammunition distributors, or firearms or ammunition dealers.

    790.333 Sport shooting and training range protection; liability; claims, expenses, and fees; penalties; preemption; construction.

    790.335 Prohibition of registration of firearms; electronic records.

    Florida Commissioners that Violate Statutes knowingly and willing are and will be penalized and/or subjected to a $5,000 fine for enacting local gun-control rules and/or the removal of an elected official for violating the ban on most local firearms rules. Ignoring the state statute also “shall be cause for termination of employment” for city and county administrators who enforce local firearms rule that contradict Florida statutes.

    The Parkland shooting was a tragic event that hurts all the hearts of every American.
    The Parkland shooting was a failure of the system, FBI….Broward County Sheriff’s office. Too many calls were made to the FBI and to Broward County that were ignored.
    The blame should not fall on law-abiding Americans that exercise the 2nd amendment.
    Especially if local law enforcement can’t be every were at once to prevent crime.

      1. Hi again!

        Pro-Gun: AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens)

        Anti-Gun: AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

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