A Few Things To Discuss – Montgomery Co, MD. Shootings Eulalio Tordil

Mongomery mall shooting

Today police finally caught the shooter, a Federal Protective Service employee who shot a woman in a Prince George’s County MD school parking lot Thursday 5 2016. Then again today Friday the 6th he shot others at Montgomery Mall and Aspen Hill grocery store. So far two victims died and other two are injured in the two days shooting by one assailant.
More details on local ABC and WTOP news.

First I want to briefly touch on 3rd party intervention in my previous article What Not To Do As A Concealed Carrier & The Good Samaritan. We as a law-abiding armed citizens have responsibilities to protect ourselves and love ones from violence. Not to use our guns to play police and intervene a 3rd party incident, unless with certain “exceptions” I mentioned  in the article linked above.
What’s worse with this case is that the woman at the school who intervened (the news media called them good Samaritan 😕 ) wasn’t carrying a gun, and foolishly walked up to a derange man with a gun. I can’t believe this people, how naive they are? And of course this occurred in Communist Maryland and on school property. Why walked in to a fire without a fire extinguisher?

This was not a mass random shooting but an enrage person related to domestic violence that went out of control, and spilled in to the public, are you prepare? Besides being armed and skilled, remaining vigilance is one major key factor to your survival.

A side step: the battered woman is in the most danger of being killed during the first few days after filing a protection order. Virginia’s Governor vetoed a bill that would turn a protection order in to a concealed handgun permit for 45 days, thus giving the option for the victim spouse to be able to defend his or herself. I thought the governor cared about women’s safety. The irrational and illogical left gun grabbers. But I think they know exactly what they are doing.

Shooter Suspect Eulalio Tordil
Shooter Suspect Eulalio Tordil

Wow! Communist Muurland. So much for their draconian apeshit gun control laws. More and more incidents where those who want to do harm will find it very easy to acquire guns and use them. Laws don’t work on bad people… A great example will be with this incident. And how ironic is that a LEO would commit such act? Yet they want the masses to believe only cops should own guns, know how to use them and protect us. What bluff! Statistics showed that concealed carriers are the most law abiding citizens.
A protective order was issues for Eulalio Tordill which he wasn’t allow to own any guns 🙄 The local news radio said he gave up his issued guns when he was let go from his job.

The order was issued on March 17, 2016, and was to remain in place for one year. The judge specifically ordered Tordil to stay away from High Point High School, where Gladys Tordil was murdered.

Yeah, as if he would obey. I would not step foot in Maryland, not worth it when their government denies my right to self-defense but at the same time can’t protect me. In free states like VA, WV, FL, UT, AZ just to name a few, you won’t get incarcerated for legally defending yourself with lethal force. It’s not the government’s duty and responsibility to protect your life but yourself. It’s not even practical that they can.

His victim wife wasn’t allow to own and carry a gun, thanks to Maryland’s gun “safety/control” laws. If she was carrying a gun and able to turn the tables around, she could have shot and kill Tordil in self-defense. But only to survive and face unjust, cruel and illegal punishment from her state’s government. Go figure…

Train, fight for your rights and say safe.



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