ABC’s TV Show Designated Survivor Pushes The Anti-Gun Agenda (Video)

Been watching Designated Survivor since the beginning. Within the first 5 episodes I already noticed it is somewhat of a left wing show that tries to slowly push their agenda every now and then. For those who watch the show would know what I’ll be talking about. They presented a political left tone when it comes to the environment and Muslim immigration few episodes ago. Back in September, American Thinker also pointed out this TV show’s tone and possible goals, “Designated Survivor: Should it be designated as Democrat propaganda?I looked the other way from their political view and focus on the fun part (main story line) which is finding out who and how deep the conspiracy goes that killed the President, Vice President, Speaker down to most of congress since the catastrophic attack of the Capital building occurred during the State of the Union.
But with season one episode fifteen that aired yesterday was the bombshell, their anti gun lying agenda forced me to write this article and expose their goals.

Below is a video that I put together containing two major clips taken from last night’s episode.

The talking sounded like Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton or Obama that were speaking right through the actor and actress mouths. As usual they failed to point out that people who commit most gun violence would be smart enough to not go through background checks and just steal the guns or buy it through the black market.
Actor Kiefer Sutherland here said that people on the terror watch list should not have guns. What gives the government the power to strip your rights when you haven’t been convicted? Ever heard of due process? It’s ridiculous that they only fish after your Second Amendment right and not others. Remember the video where we saw Trey Growdy grilled that DHS female official about the idea that American citizens on the terrorist watchlist should be denied the right to own a gun? Boy that was one factual bombshell that shut her.
They also failed to mention that many of those who committed gun violence and mass shootings in the past passed a background check. Last but not least, they failed to mention that states and cities where no private sales are legal and mandatory background checks have the highest gun crime per capita such as DC, Baltimore and Chicago.

If you don’t watch this show you might not care but many people of all ages who are uninformed about this topic might buy in to their deceptive narrative. But in the end, what else can you expect from anti gun Hollywood?

On the other hand, I’m a big fan of the walking dead and it happens to be more of a pro gun show.



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  1. I am glad I never watched this piece of crap show it gets it all wrong. This anti-gun hype is so full of it. These actors should be ashamed of there self’s. We are living in a time where people do not have any shame any more. To blame a tool for something and not the person is an injustice. But to let the first amendment and the fourth, fifth sixth, seventh, etc. amendments to be walked on as a piece of dirty paper is beyond offensive. I hope people learn not to watch crap on TV.

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