Center of Face More Important Than Center Mass

Like it or not, we are at war with lone wolf terrorist that are rising at an alarming rate. In the past two years we seen a rise of lone wolf gunman jihadist in France and the US. These death loving barbarians recently added an additional weapon, a vehicle in to the mix of their weapons of choice.

The New Paradigm

Typical Kevlar body armor.

When you got a terrorist gunman out in the loose, you must assume that he is wearing body armor or a bomb vest. Recall the Aurora, Colorado shooter? He was wearing tactical gear, a ballistic helmet and a vest.
The Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen tried to buy bulk ammunition and heavy-duty body armor from a gun shop. Armor plates are design to defeat most rifle caliber with some exceptions. Even jihadist wearing kevlar (assuming is rated quality and in new condition) will stop all common handgun rounds. Concealed carries carry handguns, not rifles, that tells us we definitely need to aim for the ocular window, side of the head and neck to stop the threat from racking up more body counts.

In an FBI study on Active Shooter events (up to 2012) showed that in 5% of events, the terrorists brought crude bomb vests. It’s very common for terrorist overseas to use bomb vest. What stops them from making home made explosive devices and using it here in the US?

Include Head Shots In Your Practice Drills

If you already taken a couple of good concealed carry courses, it’s time to also practice neck and head shots in your drills. Most CCW classes trained us to respond to the average “lesser evil” bad guys such as, robbers, sex offenders, muggers, panhandles and gangbangers just to list a few. Some are less aggressive than others. Some just want to make a quick and easy cash, while others don’t mine taking a life over a $20 bill or your car.

Terrorist are much greater of a threat. It’s not like the daily criminal jobs. They don’t care if they die (once they achieved their desired body count), are nonnegotiable, fearless and determined to full fill their caused. Terrorist don’t care to spare your sister, wife or husband’s life. Their single goal is to kill as many people and as fast as they can before sending themselves to the delusional land of 72 virgin booties. Hence, is why CCW who happened to be in close proximity to the mujahedin and while first responders haven’t arrived (0-5 minutes) at the scene can disrupted or cease the gruesome jihadist actions.

Is it to hard for you to take these critical shots? Well, the answer is not really if you train, and practice.
Taken from Gabe Suarez on how to effectively practice center face shots the cheap and effective way.


frontboxRefer to the above image target.  I am drawing a target box around the face and upper neck, and as wide as the outer corners of the eyes.

From sternal notch to browline is about 8″ vertically, and across the width of the face is about 4″ horizontally.

To illustrate this, take a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper and fold it in half.  That is about the size of your target from the front, side and back.  So its not as difficult a target as the throwbacks would have you think.

Moreover, the idea that the shot to head will only work if you hit a small credit card sized “cranio-ocular cavity” is false.  Again, look at the target on the left.

The throat area has many structures which are easily injured. The jugular veins as well as the easily reached spine and their destruction would insure a “stop”. If I take a baseball bat and smash a terrorist in the face with it, I don’t have to hit a credit card to get the desired effect.

And lets also get away from the slow deliberate single surgical brain shot for this application.  Certainly, if you have the time for that do so, but if you do not, send the same burst you would normally have fired at the chest area into the face area.  Once you let go of the notion that these shots must be fired at different speeds, you will realize the damage that you can do.  The mind set has to change and get away from the idea of “scoring a target”.  Its not about the target, or the score…it is about the killing.

           Credit: Gabe Suarez


Side head shots in my opinion will be the best option. Mainly because you don’t have to be in front of the terrorist gunman face to face, while he is busy gunning people downing along his path. Sneaking out of his sigh to a side and peaking from a sideheadvantage point can get the job done. A much prefer option than taking out a cell phone and making a video. See the image to the right. It shows a side view of the head. The weak points are the temple and the ear. Good premium handguns loads won’t have any trouble punching through.



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