Complying Doesn’t Mean You Will Be Safe

knife robbery

I had a colleague said he doesn’t need a gun or skills to protect himself from others. His comments were, “I always stay out of trouble, stay away from bad neighborhoods, mind my own business. If someone mugs me, I’ll just comply with them and give them my wallet.” Well, how naive and uninformed you are buddy. Criminals pick when and where, sometimes you can’t avoid them, you just have to be ready.

How do you know if the attacker will be satisfied with your compliance? Why should you let him decide if you live or die? That’s absurd in my opinion. He might beat the crap out of you or kill you even if you give him what he wants. One reason could be because you are now a witness and can give his description to the cops.

Below is a video put up by ASP. It shows a car pulling over then a guy in red shorts approaches the guy in light color shirt who is walking on the sidewalk, he then gets stabbed. He tries to comply and put very little resistance which didn’t end well for him.

There was a case in Virginia where the robber demanded money from the register and the clerk complied, but the money amount didn’t satisfy the robber so he shot and kill the clerk.

In communist DC and Maryland, a man was shot and killed in a carjacking incident while pumping gas

What are the steps we can take?

  1. Always carry where you legally can, if you can’t then try your best to avoid those places that infringed on your right to self-defense.
  2. Train and practice! Because if you are not trained to deal with violence then your only natural option is to fear the attacker and comply. Practice what you learned, find good firearms defensive courses in your area or state. Know how to deal and respond to various violence aggression, have a plan.
  3. Situation awareness is key, you should always be in code yellow. Most people are in code white state just like a zebra with its head down munching (people now much on their smart phones) grass while the lioness is ready to ponce.
  4. Transitional spaces are places where we MUST be more careful of potential attack. A transitional space is any location that (1) allows attackers to prey on potential victims with an element of surprise and (2) provides ready escape for the attackers. The mugger used the transitional space here to isolate the victim, which increases his chance of compliance.
  5. Be aggressive and ready to FIGHT BACK with all your force and used those skills you leaned. Be loud and shout affirmative commands. Your adrenaline will kick in, heart BPM will rise, in which will result in narrow tunnel vision and shaky hands. Many instructors know how to simulate training under stress. Be aware of kidnapping, if taken in to a backroom or a car, most people don’t survive. This is when you fight with all you got.
  6. Have tactics, skills and develop a plan on-the-fly. Playing along with the attacker to your advantage, because you have a plan right? Briefly comply, in many cases that will exploit the attacker’s weakness. Example, your hands go up and slowly reach for your wallet or purse and quickly throw it on the ground away from you, that moment is where your attacker goes to grab is pay, which you then side step, draw and give him rounds. Some empty hand skills will greatly increase your chance of survival.



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