Do You Know the Dangers of “Universal Background Checks”?

Warrentless Door to door searches

Do you really know the full effects of Universal Background Checks and what the government will have to do to enforce it?
They are not just regular background checks. Those UBC will require all gun transfers, even private gifts between friends and family, must go through a FFL gun dealer. It might not seem that malevolent at first, but it is.
Sharing firearms for informal target shooting: Another legitimate activity outlawed by Everytown’s ‘universal background checks’
The United States does not have a crime problem caused by people who borrow a gun for an hour of skeet shooting on somebody’s farm. Yet the Bloomberg laws turn these people into criminals. As with so much of the Bloomberg Trojan horse called “universal background checks,” innocent and law-abiding persons bear substantial burdens, for no benefit in public safety.

UBC doesn’t just affect gun owner’s. Everyone will be affected! It will stump on other constitutional rights, such as the 4th amendment. Like icebergs, what’s below the surface, unseen, is where the true danger is to be found.
It becomes easier for the government to confiscate your guns since they will know exactly which guns you own. We’ve seen this before in the past with other countries. If UBC were to be effective, the government will have to search gun owners homes on a regular basis to ensure the guns they have match the registration.  And you’d better have all those registered guns, and no others’ when the government knocks on your door!
For those of you who are not gun owners, they will need to search your homes to ensure you don’t own any guns. Would you like the government to randomly go through your stuff? I wouldn’t.

Besides violating the 4th Amendment, this is also a huge waste of resources and tax payer’s money. Instead on fighting crime and dealing with other more serious law breakers that law reinforcements should be doing.

Every American should be very concern. Here are some good bullet points (by the Virginia Citizens Defense League) of the hidden dangers and lies:

  • Universal Background Checks are really gun owner registration, with gun confiscation being the end goal. Gun owners in California are now finding out the sad truth about
    Universal Background Checks, with guns being confiscated there currently.
  • 18 to 20 year-olds will no longer be able to possess a handgun, even if a parent wishes to give them a handgun or loan them one to shoot at the range.
  • Safety training becomes all but impossible due to background check requirements each time a gun is handed from one person to another.
  • Guns cannot even be loaned to family and friends without a background check run on them and you (if you want your gun back)
  • No more selling one of your firearms to another citizen, no matter how trusted, at a
    convenient time and convenient location. You will have to find a gun dealer willing to
    do the transaction and that will have to be at the dealer’s place of business during his normal business hours. Such private sales will become much more difficult and
    expensive to do.
  • Universal Background Checks criminalize the otherwise legal sale of lawful private
    property directly between two parties. And if the purchaser fails the background check or backs out of the sale, the dealer will have to run a background check on you (with associated fees) before he can hand you your own gun back!
  • Illinois has Universal Background Checks, but a recent poll of Illinois convicts showed that 97% of them didn’t go through a background check at all! They got their guns illegally on the street or had others purchase guns for them (an illegal “straw purchase”). Universal Background Checks will do nothing to stop violence. But they will most assuredly affect law-abiding gun owners like YOU.
  • Universal Background Checks place an additional burden on the purchase of firearms by law-abiding citizens with the real goal of dissuading citizens from purchasing a firearm.

Please pass this on and share with as many people you as can.
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