Elligson: On guns, let’s stick to the facts


Publish on Roanoke Times newspaper opinion section. Written by Joseph E. Elligson who is are member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Sometimes we need more freedom loving folks to give some truth sine the light of our side.

It is always interesting that those opposed to guns have so many assumptions that will eliminate guns, gun violence and murders. Where are the facts supporting the assumption that “I am more likely to be killed or injured by an armed citizen than by a “bad guy” or police officer?”

I believe the homicide rates from Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago and Detroit prove that citizens are more likely to be killed by bad guys rather than an armed citizen.

It is interesting that these cities have strict gun control laws in effect, yet the gun violence and murders continues to escalate. In 2015, Baltimore had 344 homicides. It is also interesting that many of the cities with high gun violence and murder rates have the highest unemployment rates and the educational systems with poor success rates.

Those advocating removing all guns claim this will stop or seriously reduce gun violence and murders. If this is true, then why not remove all guns from police departments, sheriff departments, ATF, and private security guards? After all, removing guns will stop gun violence, therefore, the police will not be threatened by guns.

We do not hear those pushing for eliminating guns criticize movie directors, movies, TV shows and video games for including so much gun violence. These venues are teaching children and adults the culture of violence.

After watching so many violent games or TV shows, individuals may become immune to feelings of seeing someone killed. Of course, any opposition to these programs and movies is immediately denounced as a First Amendment violation by educators, scholars and liberals.

Why the double standard? It is OK to idolize and worship directors and celebrities who preach against guns while earning millions from movies based on gun violence. If we are to reduce gun violence, let’s start with eliminating gun violence in movies, games and TV shows. Also, let’s dedicate resources to improving the educational systems at the state levels.
No question we do need to speak out, but let us speak and develop solutions based on facts, not politically driven propaganda.




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