Full30 The New YouTube Alternative For Firearms Related Videos


YouTube/Google, Facebook and Microsoft all have been hostile towards freedom, but in particularly the 2nd Amendment and gun related videos. It’s unfortunate such bias we have to put up with from this big corporations.
People with skills and creativity who provide content to us Youtubers do earn their living from doing this. But it’s getting more common this days, without warning, the don’t-be-evil subsidiary slashed their cut of the ad bucks by well over 50 percent.

We all know what recently happened to one of the most popular YouTube gun channel Hickock45 (with 1.8 million plus subscribers as of today) which Google suspended his account over a gun video that he posted on Google + which he didn’t violate any local or federal laws. Google + is more sensitive about firearms related posting huh? What about other immoral, silly content others posted? It’s sad to see how the liberal left can infiltrate politicians, schools and big corporations. This days you have to worry about your legal hobby getting offended by the sheep!

For this very reason, Tim Harmsen of the Military Arms Channel and his video compatriots have decided that they’ve enough and they formed a new platform for their creative content full30.com. Which includes the famous and well known, Iraqveteran8888, The Military Arms Channel, MR Guns N Gear, 22Plinkster, AK Operators Union, Demolition Ranch, the Slovenian Polenar Tactical and others. Hopefully Hickok45 will be on here soon. In this video, Tonoutdoors9  talks about full30.com, he gives a lot more details about video quality, registration, mobile up and other good info so please watch. full30.com is a new site, so a lot of things will be added and changing. Please spread the word.




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