Gruesome Ax Attack – Complying Doesn’t Always Work

An update on this gruesome attack that took place in Commifornia.
The victim offer to pay the attacker with what he had but in return, the victim received server blows with an ax.

I’ve mention before that complying doesn’t always work. This is based on multiple cases throughout the country in the past 5 years I’ve came across. You should never have the attacker decide your fate. Your life is 1000 times more precious than these low life thugs and no other human, scumbag has the right to end your life. I wound’t recommend drawing on a already drawn gun. Buy some time by playing along until the attacker is distracted and make your move in order stop that threat. In this situation the attacker uses a melee weapon, fight and use any opportunity ( block with your arm, step back) to draw and put rounds on target. Even if your arm gets injured, you still have another harm to shoot and using one hand to shoot at this range you should to be able to get rounds on the bad guy. A broken arm is better than receiving multiple blows to the rest of your body and head.

I hear many colleges post their “what to do plan” when you get attacked. They always tell you not to fight back and just comply 🙄 SMH. News your mainstream news media will also give you such dangerous advice. Also notice that most attackers occurred in gun free zones. Keep your head up and always carry. Be extra aware when going through transitional spaces.

The good news these cowards have been arrested and the victim is still alive. The bad news is that the victim suffered great bodily harm.



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