Gun Owners Stopped Numerous Crimes and Saved Countless Lives in a Year

making-good-people-helpless-wont-make-bad-people-harmlessBetween July 2014 and July 2015, private citizens who used firearms to stop criminal attacks and saved at least 283 potential victims in 2015 according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis. In this page, they have a really cool interactive graphic feature. Clicking the demographics boxes will narrow your results to see specific data points.
Obama stubbornly keeps trying to push his failed gun control agenda. He quotes more than 30,000 gun deaths in a year, omitting that 60 percent are suicides, while 3 percent are accidents, and the rest are related to gang/drug violence in urban ares. Yet the progressive liberal main stream media only focuses on random mass shootings which are rare compare to other most common types mention above. While most of those mass shootings occurred in gun free zones.
How ludicrous that they turn the focus from a lone white psychopathic church shooter (in South Carolina), to a race war, and the attack on the confederate flag? What about those so-called ‘Muslim extremist’ attack scores of people, yet we don’t blame all Muslims, we don’t attack their flags.

In 2014, the FBI released one of the most fascinating and simultaneously frustratingly incomplete studies in recent memory: Active Shooter Events from 2000 to 2012. This paper looks at active shooter events over a 12 year span with the goal to assess law enforcement reactions and how to improve the response at the LE level. The average police response time was about 3 minutes. Out of 104 incidents, they had the following resolution:

  • 49% of events stopped before the police could arrive
  • 42% of events (44 total) resulted in the killer committing suicide, of which 29 killers committed suicide prior to police arrival.
  • 43% of events (45 total) result in the attacker being stopped with force, either by civilians or law enforcement.
  • When civilians intervene before LE arrives, they stop 33% of mass shootings.
  • Slightly less than 3% of mass shootings are stopped by armed civilians shooting the attacker.

Concealed Carriers And Terrorism
Concealed carries play a big role in not just stopping your average criminals but also potentially disrupting and stopping terrorist in their track. That’s why I encourage those who carry to take more advance concealed carry courses besides the basic NRA pistol course which is the bare minimum you need to obtain your concealed carry permit in most states. More practice and drills are also key.
The president of Liberty University in VA. Jerry Falwell Jr. urged students during the school’s convocation to get their permits to carry concealed weapons. Soft targets such as schools and colleges poses a welcome invitation to terrorist.
Here is another great example of an Israeli citizen using his gun to stop a terrorist attack – video.
Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey is urging county residents with a concealed permit to carry guns with them and be mentally prepared to use those guns to defend themselves from terrorists. Remember, when seconds counts, the cops are minutes away.

Here are a few recent incidents where law abiding armed citizens where able to save their lives and others around them. Just to list a few.

In Columbia, SC – Two men tried robbing a barber shop at gunpoint, but a couple of concealed carry holders getting haircuts stopped them.

Concealed carrier at barber shop stops gunman.
Concealed carrier customer at barber shop stops gunman.

Charleston County, SC a 13-Year-Old Kills Man Breaking Into Home

Domino’s Delivery Driver Shoots Shotgun-Wielding Robber in Jacksonville, FL

Uber driver shoots a gunman in Chicago’s Logan Square

A concealed carry permit intervenes in alleged carjacking in Orem, UT. Suspect dead

Connecticut Homeowner Shoots Two Intruders

Texas Woman ‘Cool As A Cucumber’ Shoots Armed Robber After He Got Into Her Vehicle

Concealed Carrier Saves Texas Deputy’s Life

Ten Myths About Gun Control, a really great article from the Duke University.

The Bias Main Stream Media We Are All Sick Off
Thanks to alternative media, the internet and those who are on the scene when such events erupt tweeting and posting raw videos online. Avoiding censorship and twisting the story.
You won’t hear countless of good news stories where folks used their firearms to save lives on the big national news medias such as, CNN (Communist News Networks), MSNBC or ABC News. Such stories get very small media attention and usually stay on local news medias.
Because it doesn’t fit their agenda. To keep the propaganda machine rolling, they must only report when gunmen use guns to take lives. Terrorist gunmen shoots and kills scores in gun free zones, such as the recent San Bernadino, CA. terrorist attacked. They failed to mention that these types of events occurred in gun free zones and in states with draconian gun control laws.

Breaking It Down With Logic And The Truth

Silly liberal logic

The right to self-defense is a core right of human nature. Self-defense has been part of us humans as long since our existence. Along with shelter, food, love/sex and social interaction are all our basic fundamental context.
Even animals defend themselves. Should the animal kingdom ban the sharp spikes on porcupine? Or should deer have their horns removed because they can hurt other animals?
Parts of the world such as Denmark (and most of western EU) where self-defense is illegal, thus encouraging crime and creating a victim society. The perpetual delusional utopia will demise with the surge of violent immigrants who will impose their religion and culture, not adapt to where they immigrate to.
This Danish teen will now face charges for using pepper spray while she fought off her attacker, that’s insane! That’s why we need to keep fighting to preserve our fundamental rights to keep and bear arms protected by our constitution

How can governments deny humans a basic right to self defense? There are always bad people who intent to do harm. We have probably around a billion firearms on earth, we can’t just make them vanish. Those governments who are hunger to control it’s populist, hunger for power and the gang bangers are all going to manage to get whole on guns. If guns were never invented, it will all be about banning and controlling swords, knives, bows and arrows, same concept. You wonder why it’s so hard for many to understand this. Then some say, they don’t want to discuss about firearms and self-defense related, it’s to controversial. Well, no shit sherlock, maybe that’s why crime is on the rise and we have corrupted politicians in power who are attacking our constitutional rights. Or maybe they will when someone attacks them or their love ones. Don’t be a statistic, don’t wait until it happens to you, sometimes it might be to late.
Politically has become a forum of censorship and cause a social decay of today’s society.

Thomas Paine believed it would be better for “all the world to lay arms aside and settle matters by negotiation: but unless the whole will, the matter ends, and I take up my musket and thank Heaven He has put it in my power.”
Pain clearly doubted that criminals could be disarmed and deemed it important that decent people be armed against criminals.



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