Helpful hints To Drivers When Carrying Concealed & Interacting With LEOs


Loudoun County Sheriff in Virginia puts up some really useful tips on their Facebook page for drivers interacting with the police when pulled over. Most all Loudoun county cops are pro gun and also very open carry friendly based on my experience and many people I know in the area. This is a general guideline, most states don’t have duty to inform.

LCSO provides helpful hints to drivers when carrying concealed handguns.

Tip #1: Know your local and state laws

The State of Virginia does not require you to inform a law enforcement officer you are carrying a concealed handgun, but we ask that you use your best judgement when you are interacting with police. (Code of Virginia 18.2-308.06)

Tip #2: Hands 10 & 2, Dome light on

The moment a law enforcement officer pulls you over s/he can and will notice any movement inside of your vehicle. We ask that you put your front windows down and remain calm with your hands on the steering wheel in plain sight, until the officer says its ok to reach for your license and registration.

Tip #3: Advise the Officer

Our recommendation is to let the officer know that you have a firearm on your person and its location. A phrase that is commonly used is: “Officer, I want you to know that I have a concealed handgun permit and currently have one on my person. How would you like me to proceed?”

Tip #4: Display Identification, move slow

Let the officer advise you when it is okay to reach for your license and registration. Remember move slow and again, before reaching for your driver’s license and permit, advise the officer of the location of your firearm. We ask that you provide your conceal handgun permit at the same time as your identification.

Tip #5: You are not being treated like a criminal

Remember the officer has no idea who you are and with the nature of the job, there are inherent risks associated with it. It’s better to be safe than sorry and because of this, we feel that the above information is relevant to drivers with concealed handguns and concealed handgun permits.



2 Replies to “Helpful hints To Drivers When Carrying Concealed & Interacting With LEOs”

  1. Hummmm, this doesn’t address open carry at all. No permit needed and none to hand in. Also no reason at all to mention you are carrying a fully legal item. Seems silly, do you tell a officer you have a ink pen or a soda? A openly carried firearm is just as legal so why mention it?

  2. If you are open carrying then the officer would see your weapon so I am not sure that you would need to say anything but why not mention it? The pen or bottle of soda isn’t going to potentially cause an issue. If it’s too much of a burden to inform the police officer that you have a weapon maybe you should be carrying a weapon at all. This BS about ‘I shouldn’t have to tell anyone because I can legally carry’ is why people get injured or die needlessly.

    Would you rather take the 15 seconds to tell the officer and go home or not bother because you don’t have to and possibly never see your family and/or friends again?

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