How To Quickly Disable The Attacker Using Blood Choke Technique


In states or countries where the government denies your right to defend yourself with a firearm, this jiu jitsu technique to quickly disable your opponent will come in handy. But you need to come from behind. In a crowded are with plenty of distraction for the assailant while he is in task asphyxiated with tying to cause as much mayhem as possible. Or someone is beating down on another person you can come to the rescue such as this incident. SUBWAY THUG GETS TAKEN DOWN BY MMA PASSENGER

Putting the terrorist to sleep with your bare hands.
Remember when a terrorist decided to board a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015 with an AK-47, a bunch of magazines, a sidearm and box cutters?

That terrorist was stopped before he could cause mayhem because a couple of guys stepped up, tackled him, disarmed him, and one of the heroes choked the terrorist unconscious

Here is Bas Rutten showing you how to do a rear naked choke.



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