Is it really called gun “buyback”? Exploring the definition of buyback and its pitfalls

There are many articles and posts out on the internet that dives in to the foolishness of such anti self-defense and anti Second Amendment propaganda programs for the fools who are willing to hand in their alienable rights to Big Daddy for a false sense of security and funds. This article will focus on one small aspect which is the definition of buyback and a summery of this anti-gun tactic.

What is the word buyback?
Taken from the dictionary ( and noun
1) The buying of something that one previously sold.
2) Any arrangement to take back something as a condition of a sale, as by a supplier who agrees to purchase its customer’s goods.
3) The act of buying something from the same person you sold it to, especially an offer by a company to buy shares of its own stock from shareholders

If English is your native speaking language and you’re in your right mind, you will know that when your local government says it will buy (not buyback) your guns, they are not really buying it back since they never sold it to you in the first place.

Has their been any legitimate real example in the firearms industry of buyback?
Yes! A little over two years ago, a major holographic sights manufacture Eotech ended up doing buybacks. Why? Some red dot holographic sights that were manufacture between Jan. 1, 2005 and Nov. 1, 2016 were defective in several ways, which affected the performance of the holographic weapons sights under some conditions. The dot won’t hold zero under extreme temperatures which can be deadly and a win for the enemy on the other side of the barrel. Eotech kept this quite, didn’t admit the issue and didn’t take responsibility, therefore, a class action lawsuit was filed by the U.S Government. Eotech agreed to buyback any and all Eotech red dot optics that users wish to return for the original purchase price plus $15 for shipping

The shameful generation of Americans
The original 13 colonies never surrender their guns for any reason to the Redcoats, they were smart people. They were very independent and hard working. You won’t be able to trick them easily. Flash forward today, sadly people who are born in this country lost their fundamental roots and origins.
Mike Bloomberg’s along with his small armies (Moms Demand Action and several siblings groups) and many lefty anti-gun politicians in power who pushed your local county and city to get you to sell your rights for a lump sum of cash who can’t even use the correct terminology (or they used the term “buyback” on purpose for fools who fall for it) that are using another method to disarmed you. This is just other gun grabbing/gun control program in play with the purpose to not make your town safer, instead it will make your town or city less safer. Do you think criminals who they want to disarmed will really be that dumb to sell their guns? Hell no!
This gets better. Check this out, in New Mexico, the City releases names of gun sellers who were promised anonymity, haha you fools. You get what you deserve. Hey criminals and gang bangers, here is the list of names of those who are unarmed! Including a Dummycratic state legislator.



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