Kenai Chest Holster Review

Kenai chest holster review
Kenai chest holster review

The Kenai chest holster from GunfightersINC is any outdoorsmen essential holster.
They say, “someone in every neighborhood throughout the country makes holsters these days”, but some make great holsters that fit your needs, activities, appeal and so forth.

GunfightersINC was founded by a US Army Veteran in 2010.
The company’s key points of commitments are;
– All products are handmade in the USA with US made components
– To treat our employees, customers and vendors with fairness and integrity
– To maintain our high-standard of above average finish work and quality designs
– To push innovation in all aspects of holster design and production

GunfightersINC makes all types of holsters, but the focus will be on the chest holster in this review. Also note that the review is based on the Kenai chest holster with a Glock 20. Because a Glock 20 is my choice of carry for the woods here in Virginia and West Virginia. One of the primary reasons of this review is there are not too many great solid chest holsters out there and few reviews on them. Most handgun instructors of all levels never cover chest carry. Presumably because most of us are city folks and is where we spent the majority of our lives. Crime is always higher in the city than in the forest or wilderness. But sometimes out in the wild, there are the bigger four legged threats you might run into such as, bears, hogs, coyote and even the two legged crystal heads can be looming out there. Which is why we should carry everywhere and all the time.

What holster and position you should carry? For the most part, any IWB, OWB, AIWB won’t be suitable. That’s because it gets in the way of your full size hiking backpack if you carry on your 3 or 4 o’clock and it can get obstructed with your backpack kenai 4straps if you appendix carry. I first carried on my 3 o’lock and the side of my backpack was bumping and rubbing the gun as I walked 😐 . I then tried appendix carry and it got in the way of my backpack straps 😡 . So I started to do some research for an outdoor carry solution which I’m pleased that I came across the Kenai chest holster. 🙂
Notice the position of the gun in the picture to the right (above for mobile version). The gun sits perfectly in the center of my chest and doesn’t get in the way of my backpack straps, backpack, Ka-Bar USMC knife and any other gear I might be carrying anywhere on my waist. When you’re hiking, backpacking, hunting or fishing, the Kenai chest holster is the solution and the way to go.

Let’s move on to features and usage. 
You can keep the same straps and just buy the holster for another gun without having to buy the whole set again.
The holster is made out of high quality kydex. Upon reholsering, the gun snaps right in place with a nice crisp clear sound and feel. It’s not to tight or loose. The tightness is perfect!
Unlike leather holsters, which water is their enemy, kydex material are for all weather conditions. No need to worry about the holster collapsing since kydex retains its shape all the time.
The nylon straps can be easily adjusted to how tight you want, accommodating all types of jacket thickness and adjustable for any body size. I wore this chest holster for about 10 hours a day for two days during my hiking adventure trip in the West Virginia National Forest. I have to say, it felt the most comfortable method of carry unlike any type of waistband holster carry. I just didn’t want to take it off and switched back to my IWB holster for the concealed carry setup (although my concealed carry setup is super comfortable, and I’m actually carry the Glock 19) when getting ready to head back to the big city.


kenai chest holster draw
Kenai chest holster draw stroke

It’s very fast and efficient, if you’re open carrying it’s even quicker obviously.
Q&A taken from GunfigthersINC Facebook page:

Can you draw with one hand?
How fast can you draw the firearm?

Answer is:
Yes. Adjust your straps so they are snug. Give the firearm a sharp jerk when drawing, not a slow pull. It will work, promise.
Fast, with practice.

A slow pull will work but it’s not the recommended drawing method.

How about driving? I have some great news for those who are curious and with questions.
Pros: access to your gun will be the fastest and easiest, AIWB comes in second place. As you can see in the picture below, the seat belt rides right under the stock of your gun.
Cons: Haven’t find one yet. You can argue might not work well when concealed. But this setup is mainly for open carry while you’re in the woods. Fortunately most states that have national forest, parks do allow open carry.

Kenai vehicle carry
Kenai vehicle carry

Concealed Carry

If your state doesn’t allow open carry, you should be able to concealed it depending on several factors. Although I did try concealing it briefly, the butt of my Glock 20 was sticking out of the side of my chest a bit, printing was obvious. One, is because the Glock 20 is a massive gun. Second, I’m not a big person, if you have a wide torso, you’d probably be able to fully concealed a large semi-auto handgun or if you wear a thicker, wider jacket would definitely help. Or a the Glock 29 might concealed just fine if that’s what you carry. But since this setup will be use only in the woods, and the states I travel to for the wild outdoor activities (including my home state) does allow open carry. That being said, I do not plan to conceal carry with this setup.

Summing it up. With great comfort, the ability to fast and efficiently draw, reliability, quality, highly adjustable and suits a wide range of outdoor activities, the Kenai chest holster from GunfightersINC is any outdoorsmen essential holster for his or her gun.
One slight complaint is the high price of $150, but you don’t have to pay $150 if you need another holster for a different gun. You just buy what they call “the shell” which is the holster and the three connectors for $85 which uses the same nylon straps. This holster setup should last you a very,very long time.



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  1. I’m a 5’5” 112 pound average women. This holster is much to large for me. Bounces around. My arms bump the side of the holster. I was assured it wouldn’t do any of that. Very disappointed.

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