LAPD Tells People to Protect Themselves, With What?


The LAPD doesn’t have enough manpower to protect their citizens, yet they want everyone to rely on them for protection, how ironic is this? In such huge city, crime is exploding here. That’s the result when you let a city and state turn in to a gun free zone, but this only applies to the law abiding citizen. Unfortunately criminals don’t obey the law. So they are only creating victims. It’s key to spread the truth and danger of the anti-gun agenda to as many people as you can in hoping they will vote and elect politicians who understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

The mountain of firearms restriction and usage is hideous in LA!
– Magazine capacity limit
– Guns in the house must be unloaded and locked up
– Obtaining a permit to carry a concealed handgun is virtually impossible. Basically the only people who can get licensed to carry a firearm are rich anti-gun Hollywood assholes. The average person will never get permission to carry.
– Open Carry is illegal

So how are you supposed to defend yourself and your love ones from armed attackers without repercussions? This is starting to sound like some countries in Europe such as Denmark or the UK. Just like with the case in Denmark where a teen girl who used peppery spray to fight off a sex attacker. Good for her she didn’t get raped, but unfortunately she will face charges (most likely be fined) for her brave actions by her own government.

The socialist left are turning California in to the EU.

LAPD Tells People To Protect Themselves, Just Not With Guns




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