More Stupid Gun Control From Delta Airlines

I got an email from Virginian 2A rights group the Virginia Citizens Defense League today that I want to share with everyone regarding Delta’s recent anti gun policy. An updated story of such an absurd, idiotic and unfriendly policy of the skies that this VCDL member experienced.

I checked in with Delta for a flight out of Richmond.  As always I had to go to the counter to declare my firearm.  Delta checked to make sure it was secure and unloaded.  In addition to the standard luggage tag that Delta uses, they placed a second white tag on my bag identifying that it contained a firearm [PVC:  The tag is marked “CAGPT,” and does not say firearm.  However, I question whether it is legal under federal law].  The bag was accepted and I went on my way.

When I got to my destination I went to the baggage claim to retrieve my bag.  It was not there.  I then went to the Delta baggage office and was told my bag would be delivered to them and then given to me. This is a new change since the incident in Ft Lauderdale airport. Before they gave me my bag, they checked my ID and then told me they had to zip tie my bag.  Indeed they did just that.  They connected two very large zip ties vertically around my bag.  Then I was free to go.  The Delta agent told me this was the new TSA/FAA policy since the Ft. Lauderdale shooting.  [PVC:  I believe that to be FALSE.  This seems to be something Delta is doing on their own.]

The zip tie was as useless as teats on a bull frog.  I went around the corner, removed the zip tie, and unzipped my bag and felt for my hard sided case.  Of course it was there.

Now here is where it gets interesting.  When I went to check in for my trip home.  My travel record had been flagged.  I could not even check-in or obtain a boarding pass.  I must first go to the counter.  Of course that is what I must do, if I am checking a firearm.  Just because I had one on one trip does not mean I have one for the return flight home.

Delta needs to be called out of this and we need to keep the pressure by not flying with them and bombard them with emails or complaints and schooling them. I know it’s their business their choice. Vote with your $$. There are over 16 million people with concealed permit holders and many travel with their guns. Not to include those who travel for hunting. We can put a dent on their wallet.



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