No laws can stop those who want to break them


More lives will be lost, and more mass shooting will be a common occurrence because Obama, Hilary and the rest of the democrats live in a fantasy world. They can’t see how their gun control laws that they keep insist on pushing failed miserably. Tomorrow’s address to the nation will show how out of touch he is with today’s current events and society.

Know your history: Back in the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s school shootings and other mass shootings were unheard of. Why? Is not because we had less guns and more gun control. In the 50’s, 60’s, teens used to bring their hunting rifles to school and store it in the locker till after school. But thanks to Bill Clinton who started making schools and military bases in the 90’s a gun free zone, our county has seen a surge in gun violence.

The left will argue, “oh, well gun violence in DC and Maryland is high because thugs get guns from neighbor state Virginia due to its lax gun laws.” Well I asked: Then how come in VA we have way less gun related crime and death if that’s the case? They can’t really answer, but the answer is simple. Thugs choose gun free zones states where they know that most people are not armed and to stop them. Criminals never obey any laws, the retarded left ideology will make it stricter for law abiding citizens to use the means to defend themselves. The left doesn’t really care how many people die or to solve such violence, and will dance around the warm bodies to take our rights away.




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