Restaurant Robbery in Lima Peru – What Can We Learn From This? (Video)

lima robbery

Armed citizens, take a look at this incident carefully. If you were in his position, what could you have done better?
Synopsis: A businessman withdrew large sums of cash then came to the restaurant with his buddy in Rimac district of Lima, next thing you know is all hell breaks loose ­čś»
Story details

Situation awareness
This is the most important piece. If you can’t see the threat coming, then the other defensive skills in covering your ass are pointless.
Notice in the video that the good guy (businessman) facing the camera sits in a good spot. He can see who comes in and out of the restaurant. If you are the only one armed in your party, pick a spot in the restaurant where you can easily observe the common area and the exits. Keep your head up and away from that phone, stop being a zombie prey.
As you can see here, the guy is aware of his surroundings so he sees the gunman coming.

Decision making and tactics
He then grabs his bag first when he knows what’s coming. I want to comment on this. The best thing to do if you know shit is about to go down in a heart beat, your strong hand should be free to move quickly for your gun. Then the businessman was able to pull out his gun. It’s a bit to late here, the bad guy advanced towards him rapidly and with the gun already drawn. It’s a bad idea to draw your gun on already drawn gun. What’s worse is he also had the bag in his hands with the gun. It’s better to play along with the robbery such as raising your hands slowly and giving him your bag. While the bad guy’s eyes are focus on the bag, that’s when you jump in to action.┬á Nevertheless, the businessman here quickly gets his support hand on the gun and abruptly moves out and away of the attacker’s muzzle direction. You don’t just shoot still in one place, move out to the side and find cover. This lessens your chances of taking rounds from the opponent since the opponent now has to move and reacquire his sights on you.┬áThumbs up here, who was going to be victim did great in repelling the bad guys. The businessman got lucky and was able to pull off a few shots sending the assailants running for dear life. That’s what happens when you give “most” bad guys back their medicine.
Note that I don’t recommend running and shooting after the attackers, you shoot the stop the threat. If the threat is no longer present, you stop. In most states, chasing and shooting someone who is running away from you can get you in serious trouble with the law.

What we learn from this incident and most, it’s all about speed and precision. It happens so quickly, most shootings and attacks occurs within seconds. Training and practicing helps a lot when under stress.

Idiotic, clueless and freedom hating liberal politicians thinks we don’t need to protect ourselves and wants us to rely on their police who are about 5-10 minutes away. Seconds vs minutes? Give me a break. And 3rd word countries like Peru, you can forget about the cops for sometime. Peru has strict gun control but that didn’t stop bad guys from getting their guns, crime is very high in Lima but the media shy’s away and only report a few major incidents. Only the very few with power and money are allow to carry concealed outside their homes. The average Peruvian citizens are left helpless to the mercy of the ruthless thugs and their government.

You never know when you will be attack, you don’t chose when and where, you just have to be ready. Having said that; It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it. Human life is precious, no one has a right to take that life away, and no one should tell stop you from protecting it. If legally allowed to carry, ALWAYS CARRY!



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