Staying Safe At Motels & Hotels

I’ve been traveling more frequently in the past three years, the more I observed and figured out ways to defend myself if such hostile situation were to present itself. A lot of us travel for leisure or work related, which is why we should take the appropriate steps keep our selves and love ones safe while lodging. First off, let’s start with an Infographic – Hotel for Single Gal, this also applies to single guys, family or groups as well.

Let’s dive into discussing how the armed citizen can use various methods to protect his or herself when staying at motels and hotels.

  • Choose to stay in a decent neighborhood. You can survey the area by driving around, asking someone who has been or lived there, or the best option is getting your info from the internet beforehand.
  • Stay in a multi level hotel building as opposed to a motel with a single floor flat type building where your room has direct access from the parking lot. It’s much easier and quicker for criminals to make their hit and run in single level motels. A door and window at ground level with vehicle access is their preferred choice.
    Multi level hotel building with one non-secure way in

    Most hotels and inn buildings have one way in, which is through the front entrance where they have to pass by the reception. Side doors are locked and only accessible via a guest room card
    If the area you are staying only has a motel, then choose one that’s in a decent area, well lit and has security cameras.
    Who said you don’t need a gun for protection in a 4 star hotel? One example was an incident at Grand Hyatt in San Antonio TX back in 2014 where a concealed permit holder had to use his gun or he would have ended dead or gravely injured.

  • Before you accept the room and pay, ask the front desk that you want take a look at the room first. Make sure the door has a dead bolt and a chain for additional layer of security and buying you more time. Make sure the dead bolt lock and chain is working properly.
  • Take note of your exits on the floor you are staying, which direction it leads once you exit the building; rear, sides, or front side of the building. Know the exit location in respect to the building is useful when making your escape to your vehicle if needed.
  • Continue to carry your gun on your persons once you’re inside the room, whether you’re chilling watching TV, on the computer or phone hanging out.
  • If you are alone, and need to take a shower. Bring your gun in the bathroom with you. Your gun is worthless to you if it’s out and about your room. If someone breaks in and finds it, your life is in their hands. Or if they don’t find it, now the assailant will prevent you from effectively and safely retrieving it. While I’m showering, I normally put my gun on the toilet seat lid (in my holster still) and atop is my tower or cloth that conceals the gun. It’s better to separate your gun and pants since bad guys will go through your pants pocket in searching for your wallet. That’s why I prefer a towel to conceal the gun.
    If I hear or know someone just broken in, it’s much easier and quicker to retrieve my gun in the bathroom. Or worse case scenario that the attacker shows up in the bathroom, I can play along until the opportunity presents itself and grab my gun from under the towel. Having your gun hidden under least common objects gives you the upper hand.

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