Such Vindictive Tax Imposed Could Kill the 2nd Amendment

A massive new handgun tax imposed in one U.S. territory could serve as a blueprint for Democrats to ban firearms throughout the country without being shut down by the Constitution.
Late last month, a federal judge ruled unconstitutional a 40-year-old total ban on handguns in the Northern Mariana Islands. In the ruling, the judge declared.

“Because the people of the Commonwealth are part of the American people who have overwhelmingly chosen handguns as their principal means of self-defense, the Second Amendment protects that right here as well.”

Liberals’ obsession with raising taxes saga continues. In response to the judge’s order, the territory’s governing body worked out another way to deny residents 2nd Amendment rights without constitutional interference. The House and Senate lawmakers in the commonwealth quickly passed a harsh control bill which includes a massive $1,000 per pistol excise tax.This is republican governor Ralph Torres. He doesn’t want the poor and the middle-class to rights to defend themselves. Starting to sound like many 3rd world countries and socialist EU nations.
Torres and his legislature show that authoritarian streaks run through both parties.

This tactic of placing a heavy tax burden on gun owners was originally proposed by Hillary Clinton in 1993, when she proposed a 25% tax on gun sales and “gun dealer fees” of $2,500
Hopefully such malicious legislature will never see the day light in the continental United States. Except maybe Commifornia, MD, or NY.
That’s why we need to keep fighting for our constitutional rights by voting the right people, becoming an activist such as getting involve with your state grassroots pro gun organizations and educating your friends and family.



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