Net Neutrality – What It Is And What They Are Not Telling You

Many folks got fooled in to believing that the current net neutrality is a good concept. You are wrong because you don’t know the ins and out.
Being working and involve in the Network IT related field does help shine the light on this topic.

Big companies want government to regulate internet content and bandwidth in their favor. Eventually there will be rules put in place by the government where you are free utilized “all” content except A, B, and D. This defeats the purpose of freedom and neutrality right?
Big communication and content providers lobbied and feed money into the hands of bureaucrats and politicians who were behind net neutrality during the Obama era in 2015. That’s why they push for net neutrality propaganda (with the help of the lying and bias infamous mainstream media) and convinced a lot of millennials to support this communist-style digital information control. Now they are all flipping and calling it dooms day lol. Continue reading “Net Neutrality – What It Is And What They Are Not Telling You” »

We’ve all been Zucked!


With Facebook ramping up its censorship on all alternative publishers now. Many people are flocking to alternative social media sites such as Diaspora. But it must have been really hard to prevent Katie Couric from trending  :mrgreen:
Facebook has been taking sides with the big government by censoring, deleting post and pages related to firearms and the second amendment. Private local sales of firearms are also prohibit and it’s in their new terms of agreement.
Google has been seen doing similar practices. By manipulating search engine results. SEO towards anti freedom, left wing search results on top. This also applies to their image searches. And recently the unforgettable incident with Youtuber Hickok45. offers a collection of over 100 topic-focused news aggregation pages where you can read breaking news headlines on all your favorite topics such as government agencies, liberty, minimum wage, vaccines, GMOs, herbal medicine, natural cures, gun control, social issues, elections, global warming and much more.