Mad Half Minute Skill Drill


Draw while moving and shooting from the holster is a skills everyone concealed carrier should learn and practice. I’ve trained by couple of well-known firearms instructors who taught me similar fundamental skill sets. Most indoor ranges won’t allow you to perform such task. You will have to do this on a private rang for example.

Dave Spaulding article on the Guns and Ammo Network writes  a basic and easy to understand instructions.

I do want to mention another drill which is to move backwards instead of sideways. This method is effective if the attacker is carrying a wielding object such as a knife or a hammer.

Defensive Shooting Myths and Misconceptions: “I shoot that gun really well.”


As most of us know that today’s common caliber handgun rounds are not true power stoppers. Premium hollow points does help a lot. Just because your caliber preference is for the largest you can control and shoot in a relax state of mind at the range, it doesn’t mean you will effectively neutralize your assailant in the shortest time possible while under stress. Your are in a tense moment, you got a moving target advancing towards you, the faster you can place those followup shots on target, the better. The more rounds your pistol can hold is a plus. Remember, your goal is to stop the threat ASAP and survive!
Speed, precision, accuracy are the goals and recoil is they magic factor. The less the recoil the better you can control your gun. Those who can control a 10mm or a .44 magnum will probably be able to better control smaller calibers. “Shooting well” in the defensive context means being able to control realistic strings of fire, not single shots.

This is a great article and a must read for anyone who owns a handgun and carries one daily for self defense.
Defensive Shooting Myths and Misconceptions: “I shoot that gun really well.”