Dot Torture Shooting Drill Is For All Who Carry

Whether you are a competitive shooter, police officer or an armed civilian who carries your gun everyday. This dot torture drill will really keep you in check by letting you know whether you need more time on the range. The drill was originally developed by David Blinder. Dot Torture shooting drill pushes your overall pistol marksmanship to the limits. Your draw stroke, grip, shooting stance and trigger control all come in to play here. This is an excellent exercise to include with your routinely range sessions.

You will need 50 rounds per drill and the above target which can be downloaded from PDF version that can be printed on a standard size printer paper. This are two inch circles. The short instructions are on the target itself. You will first start at 3 yards, you’ll need to pass 100% before increasing the distance or adding time.
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Mad Half Minute Skill Drill


Draw while moving and shooting from the holster is a skills everyone concealed carrier should learn and practice. I’ve trained by couple of well-known firearms instructors who taught me similar fundamental skill sets. Most indoor ranges won’t allow you to perform such task. You will have to do this on a private rang for example.

Dave Spaulding article on the Guns and Ammo Network writes  a basic and easy to understand instructions.

I do want to mention another drill which is to move backwards instead of sideways. This method is effective if the attacker is carrying a wielding object such as a knife or a hammer.