More and More Dry Firing Is Key To Developing Your Skills – Video


You should first take extra safety measures before you start your dry firing drill. The following safety precautions are;

  • No live ammunition in the room or area you are going to be dry firing. Meaning no ammo in magazines, or laying around anywhere within visibility and reach.
  • Make sure your gun is unloaded, double and triple check. You can have magazines in your pistol if you use snap caps or dummy rounds. Make sure there are NO live ammo in the magazines or laying around. Check thoroughly that those are indeed dummy rounds.
  • Pick a designated safe dry firing area of your house. Every time you dry fire, be aware of your muzzle direction to make sure it’s always pointed at the same common spot where you know (God forbid, you somehow missed one of your safety steps) if your gun discharges, no one will get hurt in that direction.
  • Don’t change your approach. Dry firing is only useful if you approach these practice shots the same way you would a “live” firearm. This means using the same motions, stance, grip and distance. This includes only pointing at your intended target, being certain of your target and keeping your finger off the trigger until you have made the decision to fire.

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