Why Your Hybrid Holster is Dangerous

What could possible go wrong with my hybrid holster? More hybrid holster hate and why…

Wearing such holster al day is comfortable on the waist. Until a mishap šŸ˜³ occurs due to;

1) The sweat shield starts to snag after wear.

2) Upon resholster, the trigger guard collapses. Most people will have to use their second hand to assist in reholster. Some folks even to point the muzzle towards their waste to snake it in. Seen this in one of the classes I attended. All of this struggle and you’re playing with your safety! šŸ˜„

3) Makes it cumbersome to reholster countless times during an 8 hour defensive concealed carry class, at the same time it increases the risk by tenfold. Many known instructors will strongly advise against such holster in their classes beside the infamous Black Hawk Serpa.

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Preventing Unauthorized Access To Your Guns

Terese Condella/SheKnows
Image by Terese Condella/SheKnows

When I’m teaching those who are new to guns or new gun owners, I will emphasize onĀ  how to secure their unattended or unused guns and authorized access.
Who is authorizedĀ (unless otherwise) to use your gun? The answer is you.
You are responsible for securing your gun from theft, unauthorized household members such as kids, and those with mental issues.
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