Pro Gun Grassroots Calls On The NRA To Stop Supporting No Due Process & Gun Free Zones


There are times when the NRA needs to be reminded and slap back to the right. They should do what is right by supporting our country’s constitution as a whole.
With the recent terrorist shootings, NRA-ILA leadership has offer support for legislation that defies what America was founded on. NRA wants to back lawmakers in congress who are in support of an epic failure and dangerous to law abiding citizens, the no-fly list system.

A lawyer who helps people get off the terror watch list, said that this list is useless.

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We urge the NRA-ILA to work towards enhancing concealed carry reciprocity, among the states, and eliminating so-called “gun free zones”.

  • These so-called “gun free zones” kill people. They are exactly what terrorists want; a target-rich environment with no one who can mount an effective defense.
  • In 34 states it is legal to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol, and this has not proven to be a problem.
  • An overwhelming majority of mass killings in America occur in so-called gun free zones.
  • Secret government lists have been the hallmark of tyrannical, murderous governments throughout history.

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The Lame Duck Obama Pushes His Political Agenda – Orlando Terrorist Attack

Obama Statement on Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting

It’s very repetitive that Obama and the anti-gun media uses the same crafted words and statements to their game.

Here are some factual responses to his speech.

Obama: We reached no definitive judgement on the precise motivations of the killer.

Reality check: Over several hours before Obama addressed the nation, the FBI and most mainstream media outlets already reported the killer motivation. 29 year old Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS, that’s right Oscumba, that’s one of the very large fanatic muslim extremist groups. Yet he knows this but held back from spitting “politically incorrect” statements during his speech. Made no mention of radical islamic ideology in his speech. Maybe he doesn’t want to offend his brothers? This is also the month of Ramadan, how coincidentally it can be? Not really. According to the Koran, homosexual is strictly against Islam, and such practice is to be condemn and execute those who are gays. Keep blaming on those few radical muslims, no they are not a few, but a whole lot and growing in numbers by the day thanks to the Obama administration and its failed polices.
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