Don’t Unload Your Defensive Guns If You Don’t Have To

glock-unloadHere are few reasons to why an unloaded gun can be more dangerous, including tips and practice regarding loaded guns.

You might think I’m going to talk about how to safely “clear” your handgun, or give you some safety tips about how to unload it, or something like that but that’s notwhat this is about.
The truth is, constantly unloading your self-defense handgun could get you killed.In fact, it almost got one Law Enforcement Officer killed in Georgia (and probably many others we’ll never know about).

Let’s talk about why …

Self-Defense Guns Should Stay Loaded

What we’re talking about here is your self-defense firearm, specifically your self-defense handgun. I’m imagining that you carry this gun on you each day as your concealed carry piece or at the very least, that you keep it in the home for self-defense.
In either case, you should keep it loaded as much as possible.

The problem at this point is two theories:

1. Most people think loaded guns are dangerous.

2. Sometimes you do have to unload your gun, in certain circumstances.

So let’s address those now. Continue reading “Don’t Unload Your Defensive Guns If You Don’t Have To” »