Terrorist Weapon Is a Truck Hence The Importance Of Barrier Blind Loads


When guns are banned, terrorist find other weapons to kill scores of people. In this case they picked a few tons projectile moving between 25-45 mile an hour. Thus having more kinetic energy and does a greater deal of damage than the scary .223 that comes from the “black weapon of mass destruction” the liberals love to called.

My sympathy and condolences goes out to the family of those victims in Nice, France who were brutally murder tonight by an unforgivable sadist fanatic muslim terrorist who ran his truck over dozens of people. As of right now, 80 people confirm dead.

If it happen here in the states and you are a concealed carrier, what would you do when you see a trucking approaching you while running people over? The best option is to move perpendicular and out of the way (as fast as you can) to avoid the on coming vehicle. Don’t try to run away since you won’t be able to out run a car or truck. Move to a narrow spot behind heavy hard objects such as a large rectangular cement plant pots, up the sidewalk and in to stores or small alleys between building for cover. Being aware of your surroundings is critical which can buy you more time in finding your best solid cover spots. Jumping out of harms way and as the vehicle goes by you with that brief opportunity to draw and fire your gun at the front side door of the truck hoping to hit and disrupt the driver. Shots fire and bullets striking will definitely make it harder for the terrorist driver maintain control of his truck.

This is not the first time terrorist in Europe used vehicles to run people over, there were probably around 4-5 instances where terrorist killed people with cars in the past. But this is the first time terrorist in a truck killed people and probably the most deadliest vehicle terrorist attack we seen so far. It’s only a matter of time before we start to see such attacks in the US.

Recently there has been a shift away from OTM match heavy rifle loads and towards barrier blind. Dr. Roberts tested and approved the loads I’m about to list.
In my previous articles, I’ve referenced and went in to depths about choosing the best self-defense rifle 5.56/.223 loads and so with handguns.
In the 5.56 pressure “approved” barrier loads are the;
– 5.56 Black Hills Barnes TSX 50 grain
– 5.56 Winchester Solid Base Bonded JSP RA556B
– The hard to find 5.56 Federal 62 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
– Hornady 5.56 mm 55 gr GMX

Most of us civilians don’t carry rifles around. You have your 9mm, 40 S&W or your .45 ACP caliber pistol on you. Good news is there are few great premium LEO loads out there that you can find to use in your defensive handgun. These rounds are known to defeat auto glass and car doors to certain extent and still deliver FBI penetration.
– Federal HST line
– Hornady Critical Duty
– Winchester Ranger-T Series for the 9mm and 45 ACP
– Speer Gold Dot line
– All copper rounds such as the Corbon DPX and the Lehigh Xtreme Penetrator lineup

If you search around on YouTube, there are several videos where people have done some barrier ballistic testing with the ammo I’ve mention above.
barnes tsx 50 grain



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