The Army Published a New Rifle and Carbine Training Circular

A lot of US civilians own AR-15 rifles so as the army and other branches of the military. Thanks to our Second Amendment rights (minus communist states) we do have the right to own such great versatile tool. We don’t carry these rifles and use them on our daily basis unlike we do with our concealed handguns. Which is why less practice time is known with the AR plat form. Ammunition does cost a bit more than your 9mm plinking rounds.

A lot of great work and effort has gone in to putting this new manual together. It will probably cost quite substantial if it was written by private entity and made commercially available. We are lucky to get our hands on it.
This is a 236 page truck load of info, I bet there are ample of goodies most of us can really benefit and improve on using our rifle for self-defense, marksmanship, hunting and recreational.
The Introduction explains the Training Circular’s organization.

This manual is comprised of nine chapters and five appendices, and is specifically tailored to the individual Soldier’s use of the M4- or M16-series weapon. This TC provides specific information about the weapon, aiming devices, attachments, followed by sequential chapters on the tactical employment of the weapon system.

The training circular itself is purposely organized in a progressive manner, each chapter or appendix building on the information from the previous section. This organization provides a logical sequence of information which directly supports the Army’s training strategy for the weapon at the individual level.

Chapters 1 through 4 describe the weapon, aiming devices, mountable weapons, and accessories associated with the rifle and carbine. General information is provided in the chapters of the manual, with more advanced information placed in appendix A, Ammunition, and appendix B, Ballistics.

Chapters 5 through 9 provide the employment, stability, aiming, control and movement information. This portion focuses on the Solider skills needed to produce well aimed shots. Advanced engagement concepts are provided in appendix C of this publication. Appendix D of this publication provides common tactical drills that are used in training and combat that directly support tactical engagements. Finally, appendix E of this publication, is provided at a common location in this and future weapons publications to provide a common location for reference.

This manual does not cover the specific rifle or carbine training strategy, ammunition requirements for the training strategy, or range operations. These areas will be covered in separate training circulars.

The Army’s biggest epiphany may be found at the bottom of this page in Chapter 6.

Here is the link to download the entire pdf manual army1army3




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