The Big Disconnect Between the Rural and Big Cities

Many of you already know this is the case with your state. I wrote this article based on my personal experience and observation one one particular state. Free from censorship since I own this web server, website content and domain. My content my rules! Just in case Fbook Suckerberg who might censor or take down my content in the future, you can’t here haha! You won’t read or hear about this on your local mainstream media outlets or some social/political documentary.

Ridgway, CO

I took  8 days long vacation during the Memorial day week. I traveled extensively and spent 4 days 4 nights in my beautiful neighbor state to the east, Colorado. To be more specific, western rural Colorado. The other 4 days I spent time exploring eastern part of my state including portions of Canyonlands and the majestic La Sal mountains Moab area.

Reason for a temporary change in life?
A vacation to disconnect from the current chaos caused by people and their leaders. Disconnected from the Matrix and all the crazy mainstream news media.

I did briefly used my phone when I was in passed by a mid size town to get more map updates that was related to my travel. I was pretty much unplugged most of the time.  To explore new breathtaking landscape regions I haven’t venture yet and with a lot of freedom!

San Juan mountain range

To temporary forget about modern day generations big city folks who foolishly elected law makers who deceived them, and passed a colossal list of restriction against our First and Second Amendment rights.

Here are my personal findings and observation
I saw a couple of cowboys on their horses herding their cattle along rural highway 90 on public lands in western Colorado near Utah border. I then saw another rancher herding their cows on horseback on Utah side along the same stretch of highway. The majority of Coronado is beautiful mountain state, with snow, streams, abundant wildlife, plants and animals just like in Utah. East side of Colorado is the Midwest area with flat farm lands. Colorado is another gorgeous Rocky Mountain state along with Wyoming, Utah and Montana. Aside from the forest area, the rest of the lands are large farmlands and ranches, with small historic cowboy style towns in the mix where very self independent friendly people dwell. Folks would wave and greet me first here. Many of these counties in CO I traveled through are Second Amendment sanctuary as well. Some locals don’t even enforce the silly covid-19 personal restrictions. One county I went through was county tax free!

Rural or less dense populated counties or localities have very little restrictions, you have a lot of freedom to do what you want and live happily. I open carry my Glock 20 while hiking camping and spending time in portions of the San Juan Mountains and switch to concealed carry when entering mid size towns.

Danger wildlife protection sidearm. Glock 20 loaded with full power 10mm 200 grain hard cast from Underwood.


Point is?
The big cites have no connection to the rest of the state there are in. Shitty socialist dummycrats big cities such as, Denver and Colorado Springs doesn’t represent Colorado whatsoever. Look how huge is Colorado compare to those small dense blue cites. Throughout western Colorado, I see a lot of political campaign signs on people’s homes and businesses for local and 2020 election are all for conservative. I’ve seen a few Trump 2020 signs. 
These deep dense blue cites want to tell the rest of the state how to live their lives. But they have no clue. 15 rounds limit say what? The cops are many minutes away from one’s house on a farm land. Your unconstitutional magazine and gun restrictions like the so called “assault rifles” target shooting, range related restriction doesn’t apply for the less dense areas of the sate. Denver’s draconian anti 2A infringing laws don’t really apply in Montrose or Dolores county just to name 2. Here is a story about Second Amendment sanctuary Delta County from last year. A lot of the counties in western Colorado are also 2A sanctuary which they would not enforce the infamous evil red flag laws that the commies in Denver passed last year. These treacherous laws violate your due process rights, the 5th Amendment. It also violates your property rights the 4th Amendment. 

Living away from the chaos.

High property taxes, food taxes, high crime, lazy dependent all-day mamma’s boys and girl gamers (hey I game too! but I work hard to earn it all) leeching from others, wasteful socialist programs, far left anti American terror group ANTIFA doesn’t exist in most of Colorado.

Same goes with Virginia and Northern Virginia,  you can say Salt Lake city and the rest of Utah is somewhat in the same boat. That’s why our founding fathers knew that the electoral voting system is vital. I’m hoping all these counties and smaller towns in state like Utah, Virginia and Colorado continue to defend the US Constitution from the everyday growing big city tyrants that exist in these states. Their local population, the elected sheriff and local government are the last hope of saving this country so we can current and future generations of sane individuals can continue life, liberty and the pursuit  of happiness.




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