The Lame Duck Obama Pushes His Political Agenda – Orlando Terrorist Attack

Obama Statement on Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting

It’s very repetitive that Obama and the anti-gun media uses the same crafted words and statements to their game.

Here are some factual responses to his speech.

Obama: We reached no definitive judgement on the precise motivations of the killer.

Reality check: Over several hours before Obama addressed the nation, the FBI and most mainstream media outlets already reported the killer motivation. 29 year old Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS, that’s right Oscumba, that’s one of the very large fanatic muslim extremist groups. Yet he knows this but held back from spitting “politically incorrect” statements during his speech. Made no mention of radical islamic ideology in his speech. Maybe he doesn’t want to offend his brothers? This is also the month of Ramadan, how coincidentally it can be? Not really. According to the Koran, homosexual is strictly against Islam, and such practice is to be condemn and execute those who are gays. Keep blaming on those few radical muslims, no they are not a few, but a whole lot and growing in numbers by the day thanks to the Obama administration and its failed polices.
omar marteen facebook page

Obama: The shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together.

Fact check: Notice the careful selected words? Shooter, yes he is a shooter, but he could have used the word terrorist. He really hates to use the T word. When it was a suicide bomber, or a gunman who then finish up with a bomb, you usually hear the word terrorist

Obama: The shooter was armed with a handgun and a “very powerful assault rifle.”

Fact check: The jackpot word is used again but actually enhanced. LMAO 😆 , WTF 🙄 is a very powerful assault rifle Obama? I’m confuse here. You mean an AR-10 in full auto? Some 30 caliber and above rifle that shoots exploding rounds in full auto? A 50 BMG rifle maybe? Such words we seen and hear numerous times by democrat politicians to make guns look very scary and evil.
Early in the video I thought he would only give statements based on the facts that were currently out. So far, there is no mention of what type of rifle that was used in this terror attack. He can’t help but to push for more gun control again. 🙁

Obama: This massacre is therefore a further reminder that how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or a house of worship in a movie theater or in a nightclub.

Fact check: I don’t know that if people are aware of that the fact that no gun control law has ever stop or prevented any type of gun violence and death. Obama doesn’t mention his homey boys in his home town Chicago, the nation’s capital of murder had a 100 percent increase in homicides this year. The year is only half way and the murder rate almost matches the 50 people who died in today’s attack. Not including DC and Baltimore. All three cities run by democrats that have very strict gun control laws. Obviously these politicians don’t care about American lives but desperately trying to shove their gun control agenda which the endgame is to control us.

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