The Truth About Online Gun Sales that the Anti-Gun politicians are not telling the Truth About Online Gun Sales


Every single time I purchase a gun online it gets delivered to my local FFL of my choice, never straight to my house. Those online gun stores such as,,,, just to name a few are all FLL dealers. They DO NOT ship any guns to your house, you must choose a FFL dealer or they won’t process your order.


Colion Noir explains how Obama and other anti-freedom politicians use deceptive methods in their language to deceive the masses who don’t know how the process works. Instead of Obama being more precise with his language, saying a violent felon can buy a gun he saw online in a face to face transaction with a private seller and without having to go through background check, he purposely leaves those keywords out. Instead he says, a violent felon can buy a weapon (gun) without a background check over the internetThat’s it.




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