Thoughts On Active Shooter Situations

active shooter

A brief rundown on what you should do in case of an active shooter(s) invent. This is taken from a retired Virginia Sheriffs Department captain.

1.  At the first inkling, get in motion!  Don’t hesitate, nor dither.  Don’t freeze and stay in one place.  Terrorists are weakest and least organized at the very beginning, as their plan is just starting to unfold.  That is the time to make your move, whatever form that takes.  As terrorists consolidate their control, your options will rapidly dry-up!

2.  Be aware of all exits, not just the door you came in through.  Know how you are going to get to an exit, and out of there, quickly.

3.  A “lock-down” is tantamount to herding people into coffins!  Pay no attention to “orders” to “shelter in place,” nor to “remain calm and stay where you are.”  That is where your body will be found!  Get out any way you can and as quickly as you can, and don’t worry about who likes the idea!

4.  “Rescue,” in whatever form it takes, is probably hours, maybe days (as was the case in Beslan), away.  Most hostages will never live long enough for it to matter!  Don’t count on being “rescued.”  In fact, you have likely already been “written off.”  Be prepared to fight for your life!

5.  Guns are vastly more effective than staplers and fire extinguishers!  Be truly prepared.  Go armed.  “Gun-free zones” are the exclusive province of naive fools.  Stay out of them, or go armed regardless!

6.  Get prepared, now!  Guns in skillful hands will always find a way to win.  By contrast, your shiny new pistol and rifle will contribute little to your continued good health when you’ve had scant competent training in their effective use.  Just as expensive golf clubs are no guarantee of a good-scoring game, expensive weapons by themselves, will not guarantee personal victory.  Your weapons don’t have personalities.  They don’t love you.  And, they won’t love their next owners any more than they loved you!

7.  In addition to guns and ammunition, always carry car keys, cash, blades, credit cards, cell phone, and wear shoes in which you can walk for significant distances.  You may have to!



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