To Hold The Bad Guy At Gunpoint Or Not To? (Video)


As an armed citizen, you carry a handgun to defend yourself and those who are with you from vicious folks who want to due great bodily harm or with intent to end your life. Holding someone at gunpoint, make sure you know your state laws very well or you might get in trouble for brandishing.

Paisano armado rende ladrão

Este vídeo vai mostrar para vocês, como um cidadão de bem, armado, pode ajudar na segurança pública. Percebam como os policiais se comportaram ao ver um paisano armado no meio da rua. Isso aconteceu em Lake City (USA)

Posted by Marcos Do Val on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In this video you see a plain cloth civilian holding another guy at gun point. Then the cops arrived and all goes well, that’s great. First are my thoughts on why the outcome was so smooth. I have to say the cops handle the situation professionally. They must communicated exceptionally well between the dispatcher, the armed civilian, and the responding cops arriving on the scene, the cops didn’t draw their gun, and it seems like they knew what really was going on without any confusion. And knowing who is the good guy and bad guy.

I would be very careful and concern when holding someone at gunpoint when the cops appear at the scene. If great bodily harm was imminent, and really had no way to safely make a run, my gun will come out along with the bullets flying towards the assailant. But once the threat is no longer present, and I’m sure the scene is secured, I’ll holster before the cops arrived. Then immediately call 911, don’t expect others around you to call. In the video, notice he didn’t holstered his gun but walked back to his car to probably store it. Don’t do this, your gun should be on your persons all the time.

Turns out there is a detailed story on this incident from back in March 2015.
Here the plain cloth vigilante is a retired police officer.
Taken from the news article.

The retired cop believed he was breaking up a serious fight.  It turned out the man with the knife had his bike stolen, and was trying to threaten the thug that had stolen it. Not knowing this, Nick pulled over and produced his weapon.
‘I told him to lay down on the ground and he stayed there.’
While some people stopped after seeing what was happening, Nick said no one helped him.


Would it be any difference in how well this situation turned out if it wasn’t a retired LEO? Who knows, there are numerous factors that will determined the outcome.
Based on the story details that this retired cop intervene another party’s conflict, I would be absolutely sure on who is the good and bad guy. Situations like this are a double edge sword. Couple of months ago I wrote an article about You vs A Thrid Party Conflict which covers this topic in details. Please read up on it.



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