TV Hit Show “The Walking Dead” Takes a Different Tone On Guns

Rick proper trigger-finger while holding his AK-47
Rick with proper trigger-finger while holding his AK-47

Glad to see one of the most popular mainstream TV series The Walking Dead is putting out a positive and pro gun tone for its audience every now and then. Here are some examples.

Remember the scene where Lori and Rick were arguing that, if Carl was old enough to start learning how use a gun? As we all know (for those who watched the show obviously), such skills saved Carl and his mother’s life while Rick was out and about.

When Rick and team found Alexandria Safe-Zone, Deanna insist that Rick and his people keep all their guns in the armory. Deanna said nothing is getting through those walls and no one inside will do them harm. I love Rick’s response 😎  Such tone we hear everyday from our liberal gun controlling frenzy politicians.
Just to name a couple of examples out of numerous scenes throughout all 6 seasons of the show.

More over with the new TWD prequel Fear The Walking dead.
The video below shows a scene taken from Fear The Walking Dead. Daniel shows Chris how to operate a double barrel shotgun and tries to put some sense and logic in Travis head.

Despite showing a pro gun stance and ethics, I still gave the show a C for gun handling, safety and usage for season 6. That’s up from an F in previous seasons. But HEY! They are making progress right? That’s badgripbecause they asked for those with experience in firearms to come and help train the cast. They must have gotten a lot of negative feedback from us gun audience with hawk eyes throughout the country sending them feedback on how their cast interacts with guns 🙄

Who pulls the trigger on their gun with their middle finger, with the index along the slide?
Who pulls the trigger on their gun with their middle finger, with the index along the slide?

A film casting company by the name of Project Casting has put out a request for people with extensive firearms experience and happen to live near or in the state of Georgia, for the chance to be used in the oncoming episodes of The Walking Dead Television show.
I wish I live in Georgia to be part of coaching the cast.

“The extras casting directors behind ‘The Walking Dead’ are looking for men mid 20’s to 40 years old with firearms experience to work on a scene filming this week in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Hopefully in the future, more popular culture entertainment won’t be so bias. The more our side can control pop culture the better.



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