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Governor Terry McAuliffe and his Attorney General Mark Herring kicked the hornet’s nest. After denying 25 states (6 million people) permit holders and restricting firearms in state buildings. On January the 18th , we had over 1200 freedom, Second Amendment supporters showing up despite the frigid temperatures. This huge turn out send a strong message to Virginia law makers.

A lot of folks met with their delegates, senators and house of representatives. Private groups and VCDL teams covered every legislator’s office and many legislators saw three or even four teams come by! Handing out printed papers with the bills we support and ones we opposed. Each bill has comments elaborating them and reader-friendly. VCDL 2016 Legislation Tracking Tool

The general assembly building was pack almost every floor with people wearing guns save lives stickers. The anti-gunners were outnumbered big time. ūüėÜ
We had one Senator Dave Marsden with his silly banner saying ” Welcome gun lobby day lobbyday16-8members. I know you mean well. But, if it isn’t to much trouble, please stop trying to save our lives… Too many people are getting killed in the effort
Doesn’t he know criminals are the trouble ones? Many people open carrying posted and took pictures in front of his banner. And by the way, over a thousand loaded guns were carried in to the general assembly and not a sing shot fired. It was probably the safest place to be in Virginia at the time. No one started shooting anyone over disputes, arguments or such. The progressive left always say angry gun owners, and someone is going to get shot, woo… We can’t have to many guns! OMG!

At 11am was the rally at the bell tower. The crowd was huge, and here is the list of speakers:

  • ¬†Senator Bryce Reeves spoke on his bill, SB 610, to honor CHPs from all states
  • ¬†VCDL EM Bob Marcellus who was edged out in his run for the Powhatan Board of Supervisors talked about his idea for free concealed handgun permits
  • ¬†Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Corey Stuart, spoke on actions he is taking to implement Bob‚Äôs idea for free concealed handgun permits in his county
  • ¬†Brendan Mooney spoke about how the importance of being armed came to the forefront when he was in the middle of a public mass shooting in a Seattle, Washington mall in 2008
  • ¬†Delegate Rob Bell spoke on his candidacy to replace Mark Herring as the next Attorney General
  • ¬†Shak Hill spoke about the Ted Cruz campaign
  • ¬†VCDL EM John Wilburn spoke about how to expand VCDL‚Äôs membership by reaching out to some new groups of people
  • ¬†Delegate Scott Taylor spoke about his three pro-gun bills
  • ¬†Ms. Shaneen Allen spoke of being prosecuted in New Jersey after dutifully telling an officer she had a permit from Pennsylvania and was carrying. They locked her up for 40 days, while releasing actual criminals after a few hours. Her web sites: and
  • ¬†Congressman Dave Bratt spoke about the Second Amendment and his upcoming election
  • ¬†VCDL president Philip Van Cleave spoke on the racist origins of gun control from the Democratic party

The audio recording of Shaneen Allen, it’s worth your time.

and a Sound Cloud version

An excellent video by showing the crowd size

Showing up for Lobby Day helps a lot and the result speaks out!
Virginia Lawmakers Defy Gov. Terry McAuliffe with Concealed Carry Bill

If you care about your civil rights. I recommend all Virginia gun owners to show up next year again. It does make a difference. Take off work and mark your calendar. Monday January 16 2017.

Thanks to all the patriot pro 2nd Amendment legislators (including Senator Dick Black of 13th district and Robert Marshall) for your support on the pro gun bills and voting for them. I ask for the other side to learn the truth and wake up, stop supporting those elite who hand you money. You work for the people!

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VCDL billboard
VCDL billboard



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