Virginia Restaurant Owner Quickly Takes Control of The Robber’s Gun


This brave and skillful Chinese store owner seems to know what she was doing. The bad guy was already up next to her with his drawn gun. Question, would you draw your gun on an already drawn gun? That’s probably not a good idea. There are few ways you can distract the bad guy to gain distance before you draw your gun and shoot, but what she did worked out great for her.

Video of Virginia restaurant owner grabs robber’s gun
Notice as the thug extends his arm and gun, she quickly grabs the slide by clamping it and immediately pushingfights bad guy the muzzle away from her (actually I can’t really tell if the muzzle cleared her body or not from the video) then directing it downwards. This also can hurt the attacker’s hand by the action of twisting the gun. Next she uses her second hand for assistance. What a badass move there lady! At arms reach distance, drawing your gun might not be practical. Take control of that gun first. Luckily she had assistance who showed up few seconds  later and started slicing the attacker 🙂
I hope he learned his lesson. She better be armed and start carrying after this incident if not already.



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