Virginia Will Honor Concealed Carry Permits From All States

HB1163Such great news today after a long journey since December the 22 2016 when VA’s Attorney General Mark Herring decided to stop recognizing concealed carry permits from 25 states. Thus they unleashed the hornet’s nest. This made sound all throughout the country and VA’s democrats didn’t expect such backlash. Virginia Citizens Defense’s League and gun owners swarmed general assembly building on Lobby Day. Which made a huge impact on this outcome.

Today Virginian’s Governor Terry McAuliffe signed the bills H.B. 1163 and S.B. 610 (part of the bipartisan deal) which will restore and promote concealed carry reciprocity for permit holders in the Commonwealth and around the country into law. deal” in to law. Virginia will begin to honor the permits from all states that issue permits starting July 1. Details as to the status of the current reciprocity cut-off-date of March 1st will follow. Expect the cut-off date to either be rescinded altogether or to be moved out to July 1.
Some see this as a neutral gain. But accepting permits from all states will welcome new states for the Commonwealth. Many states already have such law. Hopefully not too long after July 1st, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Colorado should begin to honor Virginia permits.

This doesn’t mean that the governor turned pro 2A, and so with most untruest worthy politicians but we have to keep pushing to get more rights back. Maybe constitutional carry is in the making next year or so.

02/22/16  House: Bill text as passed House and Senate (Final version that was signed by the governor)

Delegate Michael Webert’s concealed carry reciprocity bill, HB1163 signed into law





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