Virginian Residents Are a Bliss As Reciprocity Expands!

Anti freedom politicians didn’t realize that they would create a boomerang effect when their Attorney General decided to stop recognizing 25 states. Well that didn’t go as planed for them, thanks to the VCDL and all other gun owners who showed up for Lobby Day and pressure from other states as well.

July 1st the new law takes effect. Virginia now is required to recognize all states concealed carry permits. Recently we just gain Nevada and Georgia which I’m extremely happy.
But as soon as the first of this month rolled in, Maine and Colorado just officially recognizes Virginia. New Hampshire should follow soon.

Below is the current reciprocity map for VA concealed handgun permit holders. It’s a beautiful map isn’t it? A year ago I never thought we will this lucky  And for those with UT, AZ or FL permits will have one or two more states.
The all states recognition is part of a deal with VA’s republics and democrats that the governor McAuliffe signed in to law which requires VA state police to be present at every gun show and can run background checks for private parties if they choose so.
Bloomberg boys and other anit-gun groups were actually irate and displeased with the governor that supposed to be on their side. 😆
Please be sure to study all gun laws of each state or states you plan on traveling to. It’s your responsibility to know the laws. My previous article “Transporting and Carrying Firearms With You to Other States”  goes in depths.



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