West Virginia Becomes the 8th Constitutional Carry State

Earlier this month West Virginia became the 8th state with permitless carry. A major advance for citizens’ rights and a ringing endorsement of the Second Amendment.
If you’re 21 years, and not a felon you’re allow to open and concealed carry without a permit. WV is already an open carry state. Thanks to WVCDL pro gun grass roots which helped write that state’s law, applauded the bipartisan vote to override the governor’s veto.
The House voted 64-33 to override the governor’s veto, and the Senate followed suit on Saturday, with a vote of 23-11.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the new law makes West Virginia the eighth state in the country to “implement what gun rights activists call ‘constitutional carry.’” West Virginia’s new law is part of what the Free Beacon said is “a national trend that began in 2003,” when only Vermont allowed concealed carry without a permit.
Bloomberg and boys are furious. Hopefully next year or two, Virginia is to follow. For the past 2-3 years, our country is heading towards more liberty and rights of the people.

“Self-defense is a fundamental right that must be respected,” Chris Cox, head of the NRA’s lobbying arm, said in a statement. “Law-abiding West Virginians are now free to choose the method of self-defense that best suits their needs. The NRA and our five million members are pleased that the legislature voted in support of West Virginians’ Second Amendment freedoms.”

All though you’re not require to have a permit, I still highly recommend new to carrying to take a concealed carry class to be better and more efficient of using that hand gun in a dynamic self-defense situation that may arise. Also you should still know the laws and when to use lethal force and many other useful knowledge.

Here is the complete bill history of the Constitutional Carry bill http://www.legis.state.wv.us/Bill_Status/Bills_history.cfm?input=4174&year=2016&sessiontype=RS&btype=bill

The beautiful map with more green colors this year.
Right-to-Carry 2016



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