Why Your Hybrid Holster is Dangerous

What could possible go wrong with my hybrid holster? More hybrid holster hate and why…

Wearing such holster al day is comfortable on the waist. Until a mishap 😳 occurs due to;

1) The sweat shield starts to snag after wear.

2) Upon resholster, the trigger guard collapses. Most people will have to use their second hand to assist in reholster. Some folks even to point the muzzle towards their waste to snake it in. Seen this in one of the classes I attended. All of this struggle and you’re playing with your safety! 😥

3) Makes it cumbersome to reholster countless times during an 8 hour defensive concealed carry class, at the same time it increases the risk by tenfold. Many known instructors will strongly advise against such holster in their classes beside the infamous Black Hawk Serpa.

Here is another in depth article of the three major reasons why hybrid holsters are dangerous.

The image in the meme below was taken from a recent Facebook post on a pro gun organization that I follow. This is likely due to having to point the gun towards the body during reholster in a shitty Alien Gear holster with a trigger guard that doesn’t keep its shape. That’s why it’s extremely important to use a good quality holster.

All possible reasons of what could have gone wrong here!

That being said, most hybrid holsters are a complete junk (haters gona hate), don’t shoot the messenger and I’m not forcing you to change the way you carry. But hopefully once you read through this article and watch the video by John Correia from Active Self Protection as to why, you will realized that hybrid holsters are just unsafe. Please don’t be a statistic because you shot yourself due to the holster. Hybrid holsters have become dangerous to the gun carrier.

Aside from holster flaws, you can reduce your chances of a negligent discharge the less you have to remove your gun from the holster and back. If there is no need to unholster/reholster, don’t! You should not be handling your gun in public anyway. Keep the gun in the dam holster! If you have to enter places where you are not legally allow to carry, take off the holster with your gun in it, then just put it in your car’s safe or lockbox.

What all kydex holsters should you considered? I personally recommend holsters by Phlster and Dark Star Gear. They both are very comfortable all day long, conceals as if it’s not on you. I prefer the Dark Star Gear, you can get them with the RCS claw if you carry AIWB. It has a good ride height, allows for full grip, and has a crisp audible click upon reholstering.
The Keeper holster by Spencer Keepers is another holster to look into if you carry appendix or consider switching but still haven’t find the right holster. Review of the Keepers holster by Greg Ellifritz. There are three models to choose from, The Errand, The Keeper and The Keeper Lite.
Remember holsters that work for some might not work for others, everyone’s body is different. You just have to try it out. Besides selecting a handgun, I think holsters are the most discussed and toughest choice for the concealed carrier.



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  1. I get that (some) people don’t care for the hybrid style holster, but given the sheer # of them sold, by the multitudes of makers, if there really were issues with the design(s) of this style holster, we’d be hearing about people shooting themselves more often then we hear about someone being shot in Chicago!

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