Your Deep Concealment Options for Stringent Places

After reading through Greg Ellifritz’s article on how to bring your defensive tools into private businesses that don’t allow you to without being detected. I just had to post this. Such handy and useful information is rare.

Before we move on, please know your state laws and make sure you are not breaking any laws. The no gun and no weapons (I’m including knives and guns) signs and policies of private business don’t have the power of the law in most states. If they find out they can ban you from their establishment, tell you to leave or your boss can fired you if it’s your work. That being said, you can carry without breaking the law.
The article will give you some great tips on how to bring in your concealed carry pistol and straight blade knife in to establishments and venues where they do pat downs and use wand metal detectors undetected. That’s right, getting through their ~8 dollar/hour paid security guys.

Venue security using metal detector wand
Venue security using metal detector wand



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