Your Everyday Carry Trauma Medkit

There is no reason not to carry a basic trauma medkit as part of your EDC gear. It’s not just for gun shot wounds. What if someone stabs your upper arm for trying to steal your purse?  Let’s say you gotten into a car accident and somehow severed an artery, you have about 2-3 minutes before you bleed out and die. The ambulance is six minutes away which by then you would passed and die. Having a tourniquet handy and knowing how to quickly use it by closing that time gap is key to your survival. If you are able to stop the bleeding before the paramedics arrive you’re good to go. Unfortunately we can’t put tourniquet on our necks. Once at the hospital they’ll take it from there. I don’t rely on paramedics having a tourniquet, know how to quickly use it and reaching to me in time.

See what femoral artery bleedout looks like and notice it doesn’t take that long. *GRAPHIC*

If you can take Collapse Medicine class taught by Greg Ellifritz, you could save you or your love one’s life.
Greg goes dives deeper in to EDC trauma kits, the types of kits, where to wear them, and what goes in to them

Just knowing how to incapacitate your attacker with bullets is not enough, you should be able to patch yours up as well.  If you can are able to just your primary gun and a backup gun, or one gun and a med kit, your are better off carrying one gun and a trauma med kit. Statistics and surveillance feeds from hundreds of cases where a concealed carry uses his or her gun to fend of an attacker is over in seconds. You hardly go through the next magazine. You are better off learning how to quickly clear your malfunction, train and practice on getting that gun out fast and accurate on target. Learn how to use cover and carry that extra spare magazine and a trauma kit all the time.

The images below shows how I carry my Ricci edc trauma kit. It includes the CAT tourniquet, a blood clot bandage, some steri strips and a small roll of duck tape.



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